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Cue Chariots of Fire Theme… September 6, 2011

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Today I ran! Not very far and not very long but dammit, I ran!! I was at my fitmom class and we got to the dreaded hill where we often have to run or power walk up it and down a few times. Well today, I don’t know what came over me, but I just felt inspired and tired of walking so I ran up that hill not once, not twice but ok… 2 and a half times (I kind of faltered on the last climb). This is a big deal for me… I’ve never really been able to run. If I want to continue, I’ll definitely need a better sports bra (or even a sports bra since I usually wear a nursing one). But after running those 2 1/2 hills I felt like I could take over the world. I got this huge adrenaline surge followed by an endorphin release that felt great, like I could tackle anything, which I promptly lost while trying to do a burpee and whacking myself in the face with my boobs. Oh well, one battle at a time.

While doing our floor exercises Henry was the perfect little quiet angel until I realized the reason he was being quiet was because he was happily stuffing clumps of grass in his mouth. He then got pretty annoyed with me and kept distracting me from my workout. I’m going to have to bind his little hands if I ever want to reach that new plateau.

At the end of class our instructor Sue showed me a few things I could do to help my aching hip. I hurt it on holidays, probably from the up and down of putting Henry in the playpen then taking him out. I did a few of them when I got home because I was still on a high from the workout and already feel my hip loosening up. I swear, when I got home I felt I could run around the block a few times. I guess that’s why people get so addicted to running. The feeling afterwards is great, I can just imagine what it feels like if I were to run longer.

With the colder weather approaching, I’ve been putting Henry in long sleeved onesies and he hates it. He’s all about the short sleeves or even better, hanging out just in his diaper. He started off protesting the long sleeves with non-violent resistance but when that didn’t work out, he now just screams his head off as I try and tug his arms into the sleeves. I’m pretty sure I saw him looking up clothing optional hippy communes in California…


I'll wear this but I'm not happy.




3 Responses to “Cue Chariots of Fire Theme…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Way to go Melina! That’s amazing!

  2. Have you ever seen the Couch to 5K program? I’ve been doing it since May or June and it’s pretty great. It’s really gradual so you don’t feel like a total out of shape loser. I can run for 25 minutes straight now! When I started the program I got an Enell sports bra and it’s awesome! It’s a little pricey but worth it for us big busted ladies.

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