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Home Sweet Home September 5, 2011

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We got home on Saturday around 5pm. It was a great trip and we had lots of fun but Henry’s refusal to sleep had us a tad bummed. Pretty much the entire week, Henry would wake up around 3am and refuse to go back to sleep. I’d stay up with him until he would eventually fall back asleep around 4am and then he’d wake up for good around 6:00-6:30 where Chris would take over. Chris and I both expected Saturday night to be unpleasant as we thought we’d have to retrain Henry in sleeping properly. Well the little guy was so glad to have his bed back that he slept straight from 8pm to 3:30, waking up to eat a little bit then back to sleep until 7:30.  It was miraculous. I remember when he woke up at 3:30, I was in such a deep sleep that I had a hard time walking straight to his room. I kept stumbling around like a drunk on a boat on the high seas.  I actually had to stop and shake the sleep off before going to get him in his room.

Yesterday we didn’t do much just kind of hung out and today I went to pick up Ginger at my mom’s place. It was a pretty great greeting with Ginger practically losing it on me. She quickly recovered when she realized I was alone and Chris wasn’t with me. She kind of looked at me accusingly like I had lost him somewhere even though I reassured her that Chris had just stayed at home to cook himself some meals for the week. I don’t think she believed me until we got home and Chris came running out the front door to greet her and hug her. I wonder if I would get that greeting if we were apart for a week :-p

As promised, here are some pics from our trip to the Finger Lakes (some are self explanatory, so not all will have captions)

Happy Diner at the Crow's Nest Restaurant near Waterloo


Josie and her cool shades


at the outlet mall, I made an unexpected friend


Objects in mirror are cuter than they appear




Henry and Chris doing "Blue Steel"


Marty, Henry and I saying hello from afar


Super windy outside due to Hurricane Irene


Some of the art at the Corning Glass Museum


Henry chilling with Lolly


Josie pushing Henry around in his stroller and George keeping a close eye


Goofing around at the Sonnenberg Mansion and gardens (after we had left Henry at the cottage with the others)


"this guy right here..."




Sonnenberg Mansion


part of the Sonnenberg Rock Garden


Chris petting what looked a lot like the evil dog in Ghostbusters


Flying high at the Ithaca farmer's market


Cornell University


Henry already embarrased by family pictures


showing off his new hat that Lolly and Pops bought him


Enjoying various tomatoes for dinner



throwing rocks in the lake = hours of entertainment


Canandaigua city hall


More of Canandaigua (I loved the little towns we came across like this one).


Chris and I heading for a date lunch at the New York Wine and Culinary Center


Enjoying a beer before lunch


a bit more fun with dad before we pack up to go...


I’d recommend the Finger Lakes to just about anyone. It’s such a nice friendly area with lots to see and great food and booze.


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