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Still Alive….Barely August 31, 2011

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Since we’re on holidays, Henry has decided to take a vacation from sleep.  He fights it like it’s trying to kill him or something. Last night he screamed silly for 2 hours with us periodically checking on him and finally fell asleep at 10pm then woke up at 2am and then again at 5:30. The two previous nights he decided he’d had enough sleep at 4am which almost killed Chris who would take him out of the room and stay up with him. I’ve driven myself crazy trying to figure out what exactly the problem is. Is it teeth? Stomach pains? The play pen? The fact that we’re off his routine? All of the above? None of the above? ARGH!!

Between bouts of insomnia, we are having a pretty nice time. We spent two days shopping in Waterloo and arrived at the cottage on Saturday. It’s pretty nice here. The cottage reminds me a lot of my grandparents old cottage. All the furniture is ecclectic and antique-ish but well used. The lake is huge and you hear the waves coming up to shore constantly. It would be nice to fall asleep to that sound rather than listening to Henry freak out.

We’ve spent a day at the Corning glass museum (a lot more interesting than a glass museum sounds). They had this great contemporary art section that I think my mom would have really enjoying.

Monday we spent most of the day at the Sonnenberg Mansion and Gardens which is kind of like an American Sansouci park. They were beautiful gardens and my dad will be happy to hear that I don’t have a violent aversion to visiting gardens anymore like I did when we were kids and were forced to visit Butchard gardens in Victoria BC.

Yesterday we spent the day in Ithaca, NY. We ate at the Moosewood cafe which is apparently famous for being pioneers in vegetarian cooking (they make cookbooks or something like that). I didn’t think I’d like it but I had a really delicious mushroom and leak quiche type thing. We visited a farmer’s market and then Chris and I made our way up to Cornell University to visit the campus and get a Cornell Hoody and t-shirt. It’s a gorgeous campus. Just kind of built into the hills of Ithaca.

Today is Pat and Marty’s 43rd anniversary but we’re not quite sure what we’re doing just yet. So far we’ve hung out most of the day trying to get Henry to nap and watching Chris and George throwing rocks into the lake trying to hit a floating buoys. We’ve also been visited daily by a family of ducks, all female.

I’ll have to skip uploading pics in this post since it takes forever to upload them here. Once we get back home, I’ll upload some of my favourite pics.

Wish us luck for the next 3 nights of sleep!




One Response to “Still Alive….Barely”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Maybe Freddy is trying to get him in his sleep…

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