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And We’re Off August 26, 2011

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I might be a little lax on the whole blog thing for the next week since we’re on holidays in the Finger Lakes. Yesterday, Chris and I ran around the house making everything clean for our pet sitter Jenny who will be house and cat sitting while we’re gone. I dropped Ginger off at my mom’s (she was not happy with me) and we left around 2:30. We had hoped that by leaving at that time, Henry would nap most of the way. No Dice! He cried pretty much half the entire trip to Waterloo and slept for about 45 minutes in total. We got to Waterloo around 6:30 (it took forever to get through customs) and I fed Henry then we went to eat at the hotel restaurant since it was way to close to Henry’s bedtime for us to go look for a reastaurant. I managed to finally get him to sleep around 8:30 and he woke up at 11:30 leading me to think “so long sleeping through the night, it was nice while it lasted” but then miraculously, he went right back to sleep and then woke up around 6:15 this morning. We went for breakfast in the hotel and they have one of those neat waffle machines so I just had to have one and since we’re on holidays, I had a diet pepsi for breakfast as well 🙂  Henry’s now napping, thankfully and when he wakes up, we’ll head out to the outlet malls and shop our little hearts out!


At a pit stop where I thought Henry was crying because he was hungry, turns out he just wanted to hang out with us and drive the car a little...


At breakfast this morning. I love this onesie, I feel it's his "morning after prom" outfit.

a closer look at the outfit


In both pics, Henry’s eyes look weird due to the flash picking up on one side of his face only and I don’t have the software on my netbook to fix it.

I started reading Simon Pegg’s book “Nerd do Well” yesterday. Man that guy is funny. I recommend it to all my movie buff friends (Aline and Derek I’m looking at you).



3 Responses to “And We’re Off”

  1. Kelly Says:

    He’s looking like a red-head in these pics. Has Mark Hardwick been hanging around again?

    • Don’t tell Chris!! I was just looking at April’s photo albums on facebook one day and saw a picture of Mark, next thing you know, I’m pregnant!

      • Mom Says:

        Should have had a diet Coke this morning instead to really make it a holiday! Diet coke, the real cola… By the way Ginger was angry at being left, but got over it quickly after eating three bowls of vet. food plus Benny bullies and a toast. She’s getting spoiled.

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