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A few firsts August 24, 2011

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Henry’s been jumping leaps and bounds developmentally.  It’s like overnight he decided to tackle a bunch of stuff at the same time. He can sit on his own for quite a while before either folding in half or toppling over either sideways or backwards. He’s also in a huge rush to move around.  He’s been good lately about doing tummy time but now he’ll whip one leg out to the side and do this twisty thing with his body (it kind of reminds me of those scary girls in the movies the Grudge and The Ring). If we put an object just a little out of his reach in front of him, he’ll lift his entire body up (almost like the starting position of a push up) but then unfortunately pushes himself backwards, away from the toy. I watched him for a while the other day make his way halfway across our living room backwards. There’s no purpose to the backwards crawling just yet, I don’t think he’s figured out that he’s moving around so much, once he does I think we’re in for quite a wild ride. The little guy will be walking before we now it.

Speaking of walking, I’ve mentioned before that Chris has been training for the army run half marathon which is to take place on September 18th. Well yesterday he decided he’d be willing to take pledges which would go toward the families of soldiers who are injured, killed, etc.. If you’re interested in donating, feel free to click here. He hasn’t set a plegde goal as he’s willing to accept anything people are willing to donate (accepted until midnight September 18th).

Now back to Henry and pics of his recent accomplishments:

Starting to interact with Ginger a bit more


Push ups aren't that hard mom...


Sitting up trying to unlock the mystery of this baby einstein booklet


Doing his backwards crawl right into our dresser


Showing off his mad ukulele skills




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