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The Artist in Residence August 18, 2011

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Henry’s been having trouble pooping so I decided to give him prunes today as a few people suggested. Well the effect was almost instantaneous. Henry loved the prunes as well, unfortunately, he liked them more as a medium for his art rather than actual food.

the artist hard at work

the artist's muse.. Ginger

I shall call it "instant bath"

After the art was put away...

About to get a good hosedown

It took three facecloths and a hot bath to get him clean. Once he was washed, dried and dressed, he then proceeded to throw up all over the both of us. I guess he’s trying to live up to the starving artist thing.

I plan to do a post about my birthday however I’ve had my hands a bit full these past two days (see pics above for example). Once I get my act together, I’ll do a proper one.


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