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Invasion of the Body Snatchers August 15, 2011

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Someone’s taken Henry and replaced him with a baby that sleeps well. It kind of happened overnight. On Friday morning I had a bit of a meltdown before Chris went to work. I was thisclose to say “that’s it, I’m going back to work, you take care of him!” so all day on Friday, Chris and I called each other back and forth all day Friday devising a tough love action plan for the night. Well Friday night rolls around and the little bugger sleeps from 8:30 to 1:30 eats a little then goes back to sleep until 6am. We were happy but cautious agreeing to postpone our action plan to Saturday night. Well Saturday night he slept for 9 straight hours! Chris and I both slept horribly that night in anticipation of crying and screaming and towards 5:00 am I was in actual physical pain at not having breastfed in so long. I turned around at one point and thought my boob was going to rip right off it was so heavy and full! Last night he slept until 2:30 woke up for some food then slept until 8:15. I honestly don’t recognize this kid anymore.

Some things that we have changed a bit is that we’ve instated regular nap times. Between 1 and 2 pm he goes down whether or not he’s sleepy. He’ll fuss a bit but eventually pass out for a few hours. I’m trying to get him to nap in the morning as well but that’s usually only for about 30-45 minutes. We’ve also stopped swaddling him and have given up on the sleep sack as well. I kind of just lay a light blanket over him. He likes to wrap himself up in it, twist onto his stomach and sleep with the blanket a bit under his face. It freaked me out for the first few nights (and I still get up to check on him from time to time) but it’s like he wants his face covered. I’ve heard other babies like having their face covered as well. I wonder why.

We had a super packed weekend starting with a play date with two rambunctious twins on Friday morning. We went to visit my friend Courtenay and her twin boys Quinton and Samuel. Henry loved watching them crawl around. He also is a big fan of Courtenay’s ceiling fan. He had his head craned upwards for 80% of our visit. I had noticed that when the twins got up from their nap they were in diapers only so I thought I’d try that for Henry’s naps and he sleeps so much better in just his diaper. At night though he needs a onesie. It’s so funny these little things you figure out. We also got another box of spiffy outfits that the boys had outgrown. My favorite is a pair of checkered pants, although I’m partial to checkered pants (shoutout to my high school self!).

How hip am I?

Chris’ uncle Denis (lovingly referred to as Duncle) was in town for the weekend visiting from Toledo. We get to see him about twice a year so most of the weekend was packed with dinners and lunches visiting with him. As a bonus, Chris’ aunt Libby came down from Kingston to visit for the weekend as well. We went to the Cheshire Cat Pub on Friday night (I forgot my camera that night), the Swan pub on Saturday night and a great lunch at Chris’ aunt Dawn on Sunday. It was a bit of a whirlwind time but worth it.

Our drinks of choice for the evening at the Swan

Henry ordering like a big boy

Having a sip of Pops beer (no worries, it was empty before you give Children's Aid a ring)

Henry flirting with Libby and Duncle

Pops and his grandkids

On Sunday night we went to my dad’s place for an early birthday dinner for me! Henry had a great time. I’ve mentioned before that he seems to really like my dad’s beagles. I don’t think he quite understands what they are but he thinks their hilarious, especially Ruben. Well last night, every time Ruben came into the room, Henry would just lose it and laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world. It didn’t get old for him either. I feel bad for Ruben, he kind of stopped coming into the room at one point, I think his feelings were hurt.

airplane with Papa J

To fill the rest of our weekend, we spent most of Saturday trying to find a bicycle for myself. I’m interested in a comfort bike. We shopped around at Cycle Salvation and the Bike Dump but I couldn’t find one that I liked enough. There was a vintage comfort bike at the bike dump that I really liked but everytime I tried to ride it, the chain would pop off. The guy said “well if you buy it, I’ll have our mechanic  fix that.” I wasn’t really impressed with that response since I had no clue how it rode, I wasn’t going to pay almost $300 to find out I hated it.

I want something like this

There’s a model at Canadian tire that’s available so I might go take a look at that one. Chris just recently restored his bike so it would be great if we could both have bikes and drag Henry around in one of those little cart thingies.

Today I went to work to sign my letter of offer. I’m now officially a permanent FB-06, no more acting in that position. It’s a huge load off my mind to have that done with. It was also great  to see everyone from work. I miss the people there (the work, not so much). To top it off, I got a package from my friend Amy today for my birthday! Woot! Just in time. I love all the crafty awesomness it has in it, such as the subversive crosstitch

can't wait to make this! I love Parks and Recreation and Andy is my favourite character so this quote really hits home!

I also got some cool robot fabric, a Huck Fin Cap sewing pattern, some milk chocolate from Trader  Joe’s and a cool craft magazine that comes with a felting kit. I also got a meowing birthday card that has put my own cats on defcom 5. Thanks Amy, you spoil me too much!!

So in case I haven’t hinted enough, tomorrow’s my birthday. I’ll be turning 30. I honestly thought I’d be more upset that I am. I’m actually pretty ok with turning 30. It’s just one day more than today.

My family, the best gift a 30 year old could ask for!

Ps: I want to give a shout out to my friend Martine who’s birthday it is tomorrow as well! Yeah August 16th Leos!


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  1. Whistlepea Says:

    Obviously I’m a bit behind in blog reading. I’m glad you got, and liked, the package! I love Andy too.

    When we were going insane with Kate’s sleep one of the millions of things I read that actually seemed to make some sense was “sleep begets sleep.” Some parents flip out if their babies nap too much thinking it will interrupt their nighttime sleep but apparently the opposite is true. The more overtired a baby is at night the less they’ll settle. I hope it keeps up!

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