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6 Months Old August 7, 2011

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Henry is 6 months old today. Things are just speeding along too quickly! The scales are now tipping towards me going back to work, I have 6 months left of precious full time Henry loving. I can’t believe how big he’s getting. He’s 11 lbs heavier than he was when he was born. 6 months ago, we were handling this delicate creature who couldn’t support his neck and now Chris does these wrestling moves with him where he’ll flip him over in the air.

To commemorate his 6 months, Henry tried to crawl today. He’ll get up on his hands and lifts up his knees but then pretty much collapses back down to the ground. He’ll sit for about 3 seconds before leaning forward and trying to crawl away. Lucky for us he can’t do it yet since we haven’t babyproofed anything yet but that day is rapidly approaching.

As usual, here’s a before and after shot.

I was much more comfortable inside


Look at me sit for all of 3 seconds


Power Push Up


Beautiful smiles for mom


One Response to “6 Months Old”

  1. grand-maman Says:

    Awwwwwww… just too cute! You’ve come a long way my little bean.

    Luv U,

    grand-maman et grand-papa

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