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Puppets Up August 6, 2011

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Today was a busy day and it started off with Henry trying to kill himself. At around 4am he started crying in his crib and I chose to ignore it since I had fed him at 2:30am. He cried for about 5 minutes then stopped so I was happy he went back to sleep. At around 5am Chris got up to use the washroom and I thought I’d peek in on Henry. Well he had rotated himself 90 degrees in the crib so that he was pressed against the headboard. He had also flipped himself onto his stomach and somehow the blanket we use to swaddle him was pressed under his face and around his neck and both his feet were sticking out the crib, pressed against the wall. When I told this story later, I mentioned that all that was missing was a little note pinned to him saying “goodbye cruel world”. I tried to fix him up but he woke up and was like “oh hey, how’s it going?”. I guess it was his way of telling us he didn’t need to be swaddled anymore. We’ve switched him to a sleep sack instead, hopefully everything will go smoothly.

Once Henry was awake, Chris took him on a 14km walk while I slept it (it was glorious!), when they got back we headed out to Almonte for the Puppets Up festival which is on this weekend. We went specifically for the parade. Henry seemed pretty unimpressed with the whole thing but Chris and I had fun. I even picked up a puppet or two to add to Henry’s room.

The "hosts" of the parade. These two puppets that had a running commentary of the whole event. They were kind of like Statler and Waldorf but nicer


One of the puppets I bought for Henry. A little squirrel finger puppet made by women in Peru.


Meh, I've seen better


Josie waiting for the parade to start. And I think George taking a picture of me taking a picture of Josie. Hopefully we didn't create a riff in the time/space continuum by doing this.


As you can see, Lady Gaga attended the festivities


These were neat and scary at the same time.


This bird had a lot of attitude.


Alright, I GUESS this is kind of cool


Punk puppet


Arrrr.... this pirate scared the little girl next to me.


I'm not sure why, but the Empire took over the parade halfway through.


I honestly thought I would die after taking this picture once Darth Vader realized what I was doing.


This weird old Scottish man puppet in a remote control wheelchair. I didn't know if it was supposed to be funny or terrifying. I guess all puppets toe that fine line.


i don't know why, but I felt this puppet should be French.


Not sure what these two were but they were pretty cool.


Another souvenir


All tuckered out


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