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Cold as Ice August 5, 2011

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On Monday our air conditioner stopped working (much to Henry and I’s chagrin).  I didn’t want to wait until it was stifling hot to remember to get it fixed so on Tuesday I contacted Service Experts to get it repaired. On Wednesday their repairman came by and said “oh, it’s just your capacitor that’s like the cheapest thing, you’re lucky since your AC is so old”. He then replaced it and the AC started again for all of 5 minutes before the motor blew out. Thankfully the repair guy was still here and checked to see how much it would cost to repair the motor. Long story short, it would be more efficient for us to get a new AC and replace the energy guzzling/loud 18 year old machine we had.

I have to say, I chose to go with Service Experts originally for the repair due to their better business bureau rating of A+. Chris and I make an effort when we book anything service wise to look it up first on the BBB to see what their rating is and if they’re an accredited member. Sometimes it works out (like in this instance), sometimes it doesn’t like our whole debacle with Euro-Tech windows and the giant crack in our window.

Anyways, after deciding to meet with their “home comfort expert”, Chris and I decided to shop around for competitive pricing. We noticed Costco was offering a deal on central AC installation so we asked for a quote. Well lo and behold, Service experts call us to say that they are also the company that Costco is dealing with and they’ll bring the Costco pricing as well. We were pretty much sold on them afterwards since we’ve come to trust Costco and their choices. The Home comfort guy Paul shows up last night, we agree on a model and bam! we got it installed this morning. He made them do a rush installment and told their technician “they have a baby and they’re hot, so this needs to be done ASAP” and the rush job was done at no extra cost. Now all we’re waiting for is to get our Peek Saver thermostat installed (fyi, they’re installing them for free until August 31st) and we’ll be set.

So now I’m sitting in my bedroom with the magical AC working so well (and quietly!).

Here’s some Before pics:


Our old AC


the animals having a rough go with the hot weather:

I'm to hot to move


me too...


me three (oh Atticus, always the lame joker)


we're hot too...



our new baby. It's a Lennox XC14 (whatever that means).




I would have taken after pics of the animals but they kind of haven’t moved so I figured it wasn’t worth it. Sheesh, animals never appreciate anything you do for them. I did try to take a pic of Atticus making sweet sweet love to the installer’s construction boot but he ran away when I took the camera out. I guess he doesn’t want the entire world knowing about his foot fetish.


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  1. Caitlin Says:

    We know Atticus, we know..

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