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Oh What A Night… August 4, 2011

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not in a good way. Henry kept us up between 2:30 and 5:00am this morning severely constipated. As my friend Sam mentioned on facebook “bet you never thought poo would become such a hot topic in your life” and boy is she right.  Poor little guy was writhing in pain his little stomach super hard. I’m grateful I took the infant massage class since I was able to massage his lower intestine a bit which helped release some gas. We also put a warm compress on his tummy and made his legs “bicycle” a bit and eventually I got into the bath with him hoping the warm water would relax him.  The bath was a little scary because I knew there was a strong possibility he might poop on me so every time he would pass gas I’d violently pull back just in case. Well it didn’t happen in the bath. We took him out and I massaged him a bit more and finally around 5 he had a little poop. Just enough for him to get comfy and fall back asleep until 6:30 when he pooped again.

I’m just exhausted and I feel so bad for Chris who went to work this morning with very little sleep. I’m so thankful that he’s the type of guy who will get up and help out even if he has to work. I tried to let him sleep through it but after about an hour of dealing with Henry on my own I woke Chris up to ask for his advice. Even in the middle of the night we can debate the merits of various remedies/techniques.

He fell asleep again at 8am this morning and I fell asleep with him and we slept until 10am which I’m so grateful for, I honestly didn’t know how I’d function. I talked to my sister who mentioned that the same thing had happened to her son Logan and that they had gone to the hospital and the doctor basically just took a rectal temperature and that got things going again. I emailed Marty for his advice this morning as well and he said that yep, the thermometer is a quick fix. He told me that Henry might be a bit dehydrated since our AC is busted and that I might want to give a bit of water and monitor his urine output (Another hot topic SAM!) I got some other remedies from friends on Facebook such as water and brown sugar or pureed prunes. Again, I’m so grateful for this awesome network of moms that have great advice. It makes me feel more tethered and not on my own in this parenting adventure.

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2 Responses to “Oh What A Night…”

  1. Mom Says:

    OMG Melina, il te ressemble dans cette photo. Je pense que j’en ai une de toi exactement pareille a son age.

  2. Selena Says:

    Did I ever tell you about the thermometer and the curtains 4 feet away?…remind me some time…LMAO seriously though, take his temp, it does work…

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