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Our weekend… August 1, 2011

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I like summing up weekends in one post, that way I feel I don’t have to write several posts in one day.

Friday night we didn’t do anything but hang out at home and tried and sleep train Henry a bit. It took a while but he eventually went down.

Saturday morning Chris took Henry for a 13km walk and I had high hopes of sleeping in after a terrible night however I got a call at 7am from my mom that my nephew Niko was born, so up I was and ended up cooking some bacon to make bacon on a bun (well croissant, we do have some class).

Afterwards we met up with our friends Nat and Danick at Defalco’s to pick up some ingredients for beer making. Henry was a little fussy but ended up calming down eventually.

Chris' Mecca


the guys picking out ingredients


Henry in his muscle shirt acting tough


Finally calmed down with Nat


After Delfalco’s we went to the Cheshire cat with our friend Travis. Chris had heard that they had good beer on tap. We sat on the patio which was nicely shaded and there was a good cool breeze. The building itself is so old that it was cooler outside than in.


Yum... Deep Fried Pickles!


Sleeping during Stephanie Tanner would say "How Rude!"


Saturday evening we went to visit my nephew then took a drive through Ottawa Rockliffe to look at the extravagant houses (such as Michael Copeland’s monstrosity).

Sunday morning we brought Henry over to my mom’s house so that Henry could swim. He loved it! (well he didn’t cry).  He also played with his cousin a little bit.

I love you... no I love you


the family that swims together, sticks together


Then I promptly forgot to take pictures for pretty much the rest of the weekend, however we did go over to Sandra and Doug’s place for Doug’s 31st birthday party on Sunday night and today we went over to Nat and Danick’s to brew some beer. I did remember at the very end to take some pictures.

Beer brewed, now the angonizing wait of 4-6 weeks


With Nat again who manages to calm Henry down when he starts to freak.


We got home and had Pat and Marty drop in for a visit with Henry (and us I believe 🙂 ) So a pretty busy weekend altogether. Henry’s nap schedule was shot this weekend. I think as he gets older, we’ll have to be a bit more vigilant about his naps since he can get quite cranky.


I don't need no stinking nap!


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