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New Addition August 1, 2011

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My nephew Niko was born on Saturday at 5:49am after a really quick labor weighing in at 7lbs and 15oz. We went for a quick visit and brought some pizza to make up for the cruddy hospital food. When we got to Montfort hospital, we got to see where Steph was staying. Her room was almost bigger than my first apartment and there was a huge soaker/jacuzzi tub, a flat screen tv and a computer in there. They also get a menu to choose what she wants to eat, although apparently although there’s a menu, the food still isn’t great. Without further ado, here’s little Niko:

fast asleep


matante and Niko


Mononcle and Niko


Henry wanting a piece of pizza


Look at that face!


Chris and I both commented on how quickly we forgot how tiny babies can be and it’s only been 6 months.


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