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Our Weekend July 25, 2011

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I’ve been feeling a tad lazy with blog updates lately. I think it’s the heat combined with writer’s fatigue. Anyways I’m back.  We had a pretty eventful weekend. I’m going to include Thursday as part of our weekend since we went out for dinner with Chris’ aunt Dawn and Alice at the Swan in Carp. Great restaurant for those who haven’t been. The menu is constantly rotating and the desserts are to die for. Chris and Dawn ate Lobster Newburg Crepes, Alice ate a angus chuck burger with stilton cheese and I ate an angus steak tenderloin. Sooo good. Henry slept through most of the meal but that’s because he had already eaten:

Sweet Potato mess...


Yes, we started giving Henry some solids. He was just always hungry and getting mad at us when we ate so I made some food and let him play with it a bit. We’d put some food on his spoon and he’d grab it and shove it in his mouth, then proceed to wipe it all over his face. Honestly, I don’t know how much food he’s actually digesting but I know he’s digesting some from his diapers.

Friday I went to see Horrible Bosses with my sister Steph during the day. We had almost the entire movie theater to ourselves along with one other couple. The movie itself was hilarious. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again given that Henry squawked a lot during some of the funnier scenes and I didn’t get to catch all the banter. For those who want to know, Steph is still pregnant (she was due the 23rd). She’s got another doctor’s appointment on Thursday and she says she’s tempted to bring her suitcase and threaten to not leave.

Saturday, after Henry napped for a stunning 3 hours, we went for lunch at hockey sushi.

ummm... I don't see breastmilk on this menu, we should just leave.


The first of many delicious plates.


yeah no, I'll just stick to eating this...


Saturday night we got to socialize at our friend Vero’s 25th birthday party.  We couldn’t stay late since the party started at 7pm (usually around when we start putting Henry to bed) but it was great seeing everyone. We always have fun with that group. Thanks for inviting us Vero and Mike! I forgot to bring my camera to the party so I have no pics. One funny one would have been Henry trying to pull down the strapless dress of Lars’ girlfriend Paige(am I spelling it right?). It was like he was saying “yeah, I’m hungry and this is easy access.”

Sunday Chris went golfing while I went shopping with Henry. We walked around Kanata Centrum for almost 3 hours with me sneaking in a feeding to Henry in a Walmart change room.

Sunday night we went over to my dad’s to celebrate his 58th birthday with dinner. My step sister Hannah and her boyfriend Alex were there as well. It’s kind of a small world thing since Alex was actually in cadets with my friend Selena and now lives across the street from my old house in Aylmer. I was telling him I used to babysit kids in his now house.

Explaining the finer points of Heineken


Both Saturday night and Sunday night were crap nights sleep wise. Henry fought us tooth and nail both nights. At one point on Saturday night, around 2am I just decided to not swaddle him to see what he would do and he immediately rolled over and fell asleep on his stomach. He then slept for 5 hours straight that way. I on the other hand kept checking on him every 45 minutes to make sure he was still breathing. He did the same thing Sunday night. Not sure why he’s just decided he prefers stomach sleep. Here’s hoping tonight is better.

And although today is technically no longer the weekend, I really wanted to include these silly pics I took today pilfering some of Argo’s duds and putting them on Henry. He totally hammed it up for the camera. We have a real comedian in our midst.

Howdy mam!


It was impossible to get a still photo of him wearing the cowboy hat since he kept goofing around with it.


I'm not Henry, my name is Clark... Clark Kent.


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