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Baby Bobo July 21, 2011

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Henry had his first “injury” today. I had left him in his crib to talk to his mobile while I washed our diaper pail. Everything was fine until I heard him screaming and screaming. I had never heard him make that sound before so I dropped everything and ran upstairs. There he was on his stomach with one leg firmly wedged between the crib bars at about thigh level. His thigh pudge had gone on the other side of the bars so it kind of anchored him there. Poor guy. I tried pushing his leg back through as gently as possible but it didn’t want to go back. For a while I was just trying to rip the bars apart and realized quickly that wasn’t going to work. So I basically pulled Henry’s body until his leg came out. Had I really thought for a moment, I would have greased up his leg but it’s like I couldn’t think straight. Honestly, it would have probably crossed my mind to gnaw through the bars before I would think to grease him up. It was like some primitive “get my baby out of this” moment. Henry cried for about 1 minute afterwards then calmed down. I put him back down in the crib (far away from the bars) to go and grab the diaper pail. When I got back up, it’s like he was trying to do the same thing:

Oh hello... ummm... I'm not doing anything, everything is cool...


Well look at that, my leg just went through these bars here...


I swear he was doing it again for kicks. I guess the days of me plopping him in his crib while I do some quick task like brush my teeth or let the dog out are over with now that he instantly rolls over the second I put him down.


One Response to “Baby Bobo”

  1. Kelly Says:

    He sure is a cute little devil!

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