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Fortuitous Encounter July 17, 2011

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Chris went for a 7 mile walk with Henry this morning while I slept (he’s training for the army run half marathon). Anyways, when he got back he told me about a garage sale down the street that had a bunch of baby stuff for sale. Anyways, I decided to go check it out since baby stuff is ridiculously expensive. I got there and there were quite a few things that looked neat. I got a $3 mobile since we’ll have to give ours back to Steph at some point once Niko is born. I also got Henry a pretty sturdy walker for $5. I got this spinning ball with a monkey on it that plays music and encourages babies to crawl for $3 as well as this driving toy and a french book. In total I spent about $16. The cool thing though is that I started talking to the seller and found out she’s a daycare provide and is getting rid of a bunch of toys because she’s changing up her daycare and bringing more natural toys in like things made out of wood or recycled products or knitted items. This got me a bit interested so I started asking her more details. She runs a bilingual daycare, has a baby Henry’s age and a 3 year old. She’s also taking care of 19 month old twins. She told me she tries to run her daycare using the Waldorf method (I had to google it when I got home but liked what I read). I asked her if she had any openings in February and she gave me her card and told me I should email later on the year since it’s difficult to predict when she would have an opening. She also encouraged me to conduct several interviews which I kind of found honestly refreshing.

Anyways, I’ve been doing more tummy time with Henry and it’s really helping him strengthen his core. He could sit up on his own today while playing with one of the new (old) toys I got him. Also, now every time I put him on his back, he just rolls over then gets stuck that way. So he’ll roll over, play for a while then cry until I come and help him roll back onto his back. He then calms down and then rolls right over again.

learning to drive


fascinated by his new toy


a tad upset with his new monkey toy


Maybe if I reach for it we can become friends


much better


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