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I’m going to Pump You Up! July 13, 2011

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So I’m taking this class called stroller strength with FITMom Canada and boy is it the workout. I had been taking Salsa babies which was lots of fun but I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself enough exercise wise. Well this class certainly does that. When I first got there, I half expected it to be mom’s slowly walking their babies in their strollers while exchanging birth stories and parenting tips. Nope… impossible to do when you’re trying not to heave your guts out as you run up and down a hill 6 times pushing a stroller or when you’re using your 17lbs baby as a weight to tone your arms or doing lunges off a picnic table.  At the end we got to chat a little bit but you’re so winded it’s hard to think straight. Susan, the fitness trainer is an excellent motivator and will show you how to maximize your exercise without overdoing it. This morning as I went to get Henry, I felt muscles I haven’t felt in a while, including my abs which I haven’t really worked out since before being pregnant. The cool thing about the class is that I’m signed up for 8 sessions but have until the end of September to use them up.

Henry demonstrating that pushups aren't so hard...


Today we went to our second class of Making Music Meaningful it’s a great class for babies. It’s 30 minutes of just singing songs. It’s like a vocal boot camp. Henry absolutely adores it. When Nicole, the instructor, sings her songs during the listening portion of the class, Henry just lies there enchanted and mesmerized by her voice. Today he was feeling a little cheeky and kept shrieking during the class. I think he’s going to be quite the scene stealer as he gets older. He has this constant need for being the center of attention, I wonder where he gets that from.. Most likely Chris. After music class we headed over to my dad’s who lives 5 minutes away from our music class for lunch. My dad’s beagles went into a howling fit and Henry started howling right alongside them. I’m still not sure if he was upset or just playing along.


Class Clown? Moi? Mais non!


Henry’s feet finally touch the ground in his jolly jumper. It’s making me realize how much he’s growing. He’s quite the big boy now as you can see:

still has that spaced out gaze he gets from his mom.


One Response to “I’m going to Pump You Up!”

  1. “He has this constant need for being the center of attention, I wonder where he gets that from.. Most likely Chris.”

    Yes…from Chris…

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