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5 Months Old July 7, 2011

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Henry is 5 months old today. Time is just flying by. To celebrate, he slept for 6 straight hours last night, woke up for a snack around 2:30 and then went back to sleep until 6:30.

Also, I usually put him down in his crib after I change him in the morning so that I can go wash my hands and go make myself a quick breakfast while he entertains himself with his mobile. It’s this jungle fisher price thing that when I lie him under it, I usually put it on the jungle sounds settings and nowadays within seconds of putting him down, he’ll shimmy himself so that his feet are facing the mobile and he’ll switch it to the Brahms setting (there’s also a Beethoven and Mozart setting). Anyways this morning I did the same thing, come back in to see this:

All tuckered out


Now this may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but for us this is huge. He put himself to sleep! No nursing or rocking required!! I’m so proud of him. He did it yesterday as well around 5am when Chris put him back in his bed after I had nursed him. He was still awake and he chatted a little bit then slept until 7:45. How awesome is that??


Anyways, as always, I like to put a before and after picture when we hit a month milestone but I thought this time I’d put a pic for each month to show the evolution of Henry.

Henry a few hours old. I doubt that hat could fit over his head now...


1 month old, and before all my hair started falling out. Oh how I miss those luscious locks!


2 months old and developping his trademark "hey ladies" smile


WHAAAAAAT? I'm 3 months old already?!?!


4 months old... old enough to show some skin....


5 months, I'm a big boy now!


Happy 5 months baby boy!

Mah Please!


2 Responses to “5 Months Old”

  1. grand-maman Says:

    Your are a big beautiful boy, et grand-maman et grand-papa t’aime a mort, mon beau bébé

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