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1st Canada Day July 4, 2011

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We wanted to do something for Canada day that didn’t involve battling crowds and sighting royalty so, along with my sister Steph and my nephew Logan, we went for another picnic at Pinhey’s Point where they were celebrating Dominion Day. It was a nice and relaxing day. Henry and Logan even got their pictures taken by the city of Ottawa.

Steph and Logan


Fun times guys!


Giving the far off "blue steel" gaze.


Henry never looks at the camera when we do a self shot...


Cousins goofing off


Logan, Steph and Niko (in belly)


Chris being sweet


tuckered out after an afternoon of festivities


sweet dreams


We then had a BBQ at home where Henry got rip roaring drunk:

What are you looking at??

You love me, admit it!


for more pictures of the day, click here



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