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100th Post!! July 4, 2011

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Woo-hoo, I’ve reached 100 posts on this blog.

Yesterday we went to our friends son Gabriel’s 2nd birthday. It’s funny, I remember going to Nadia and Hugo’s (Gabriel’s parents) just a few years ago and getting wasted with them and now we’re celebrating their son’s second birthday with the movie “Cars” as a theme. It’s amazing how things change.

Before heading out to the party though, we stopped by my mom and stepdad’s place for a quick visit.

we have a "twilight" pale baby...




the cool Cars cake that Nadia made


Gaby hiding from his birthday song. I hear you buddy, I don't like the reminder that I'm aging as well...


Henry's buddy Hayden, born the same week as Henry. I tried getting a shot of his sister Hannah but she was a little shy.


Henry's movie buddy Warren and his mom Jenn


Henry watching Thomas the Train and not getting the appeal (oh and look at that, seems like I got a shot of Hannah after all in the background)





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