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Hippy Baby July 28, 2011

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Henry’s a full  fledged hippy baby. It all started with the cloth diapers and now we’ve moved on to a Hazelwood teething necklace. I never thought this day would come but I’ve embraced everything about my hippy baby (Chris doesn’t believe the Hazelwood does anything but whatevs).


Let me align your chakra


As you can see, Henry has his tongue sticking out pretty much on a permanent basis these days. He can’t get enough of it. I’ve mentioned that I think Henry is a bit of a comedian, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a class clown when he’s older. He just loves making people laugh. I anticipate a few calls from the principal’s office telling us that Henry once again was distracting the class. Just look at the pics below for proof. Just taking off his onesie is comedy gold to him.

You think this is funny don't you?


Yuk Yuk!




Reunited and it feels so good… July 26, 2011

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Henry and his buddy Luis were reunited today after not seeing each other for almost a month. That’s eons in baby time. They caught up while Sandra and I sweated it out at Fit Mom. Man that class is tough. But a good tough. Today was a lot of push ups and lunges up a hill while pushing a stroller. When we got home, both Henry and I passed out of sheer exhaustion and slept for 2 hours.

let us mind meld and catch up


now that we're caught up, we can ham it up for the camera.


In other news, Henry drank some expressed breastmilk out of a shot glass today. This is a BIG DEAL for me. As he was drinking it my mind was flashing to images of me getting a pedicure AND massage, or going out for dinner and a movie sans baby. So much potential unlocked. We’re going to try again tomorrow to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. We have Pat (Chris’ mom) to thank for this. Yesterday she was holding Henry and her glass of water and Henry reached for it so she placed it at his mouth and he gulped some down and I thought “well if he’ll do that for water, I wonder if he’d take milk that way also”. So thanks Pat!


Our Weekend July 25, 2011

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I’ve been feeling a tad lazy with blog updates lately. I think it’s the heat combined with writer’s fatigue. Anyways I’m back.  We had a pretty eventful weekend. I’m going to include Thursday as part of our weekend since we went out for dinner with Chris’ aunt Dawn and Alice at the Swan in Carp. Great restaurant for those who haven’t been. The menu is constantly rotating and the desserts are to die for. Chris and Dawn ate Lobster Newburg Crepes, Alice ate a angus chuck burger with stilton cheese and I ate an angus steak tenderloin. Sooo good. Henry slept through most of the meal but that’s because he had already eaten:

Sweet Potato mess...


Yes, we started giving Henry some solids. He was just always hungry and getting mad at us when we ate so I made some food and let him play with it a bit. We’d put some food on his spoon and he’d grab it and shove it in his mouth, then proceed to wipe it all over his face. Honestly, I don’t know how much food he’s actually digesting but I know he’s digesting some from his diapers.

Friday I went to see Horrible Bosses with my sister Steph during the day. We had almost the entire movie theater to ourselves along with one other couple. The movie itself was hilarious. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again given that Henry squawked a lot during some of the funnier scenes and I didn’t get to catch all the banter. For those who want to know, Steph is still pregnant (she was due the 23rd). She’s got another doctor’s appointment on Thursday and she says she’s tempted to bring her suitcase and threaten to not leave.

Saturday, after Henry napped for a stunning 3 hours, we went for lunch at hockey sushi.

ummm... I don't see breastmilk on this menu, we should just leave.


The first of many delicious plates.


yeah no, I'll just stick to eating this...


Saturday night we got to socialize at our friend Vero’s 25th birthday party.  We couldn’t stay late since the party started at 7pm (usually around when we start putting Henry to bed) but it was great seeing everyone. We always have fun with that group. Thanks for inviting us Vero and Mike! I forgot to bring my camera to the party so I have no pics. One funny one would have been Henry trying to pull down the strapless dress of Lars’ girlfriend Paige(am I spelling it right?). It was like he was saying “yeah, I’m hungry and this is easy access.”

Sunday Chris went golfing while I went shopping with Henry. We walked around Kanata Centrum for almost 3 hours with me sneaking in a feeding to Henry in a Walmart change room.

Sunday night we went over to my dad’s to celebrate his 58th birthday with dinner. My step sister Hannah and her boyfriend Alex were there as well. It’s kind of a small world thing since Alex was actually in cadets with my friend Selena and now lives across the street from my old house in Aylmer. I was telling him I used to babysit kids in his now house.

Explaining the finer points of Heineken


Both Saturday night and Sunday night were crap nights sleep wise. Henry fought us tooth and nail both nights. At one point on Saturday night, around 2am I just decided to not swaddle him to see what he would do and he immediately rolled over and fell asleep on his stomach. He then slept for 5 hours straight that way. I on the other hand kept checking on him every 45 minutes to make sure he was still breathing. He did the same thing Sunday night. Not sure why he’s just decided he prefers stomach sleep. Here’s hoping tonight is better.

And although today is technically no longer the weekend, I really wanted to include these silly pics I took today pilfering some of Argo’s duds and putting them on Henry. He totally hammed it up for the camera. We have a real comedian in our midst.

Howdy mam!


It was impossible to get a still photo of him wearing the cowboy hat since he kept goofing around with it.


I'm not Henry, my name is Clark... Clark Kent.


Baby Bobo July 21, 2011

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Henry had his first “injury” today. I had left him in his crib to talk to his mobile while I washed our diaper pail. Everything was fine until I heard him screaming and screaming. I had never heard him make that sound before so I dropped everything and ran upstairs. There he was on his stomach with one leg firmly wedged between the crib bars at about thigh level. His thigh pudge had gone on the other side of the bars so it kind of anchored him there. Poor guy. I tried pushing his leg back through as gently as possible but it didn’t want to go back. For a while I was just trying to rip the bars apart and realized quickly that wasn’t going to work. So I basically pulled Henry’s body until his leg came out. Had I really thought for a moment, I would have greased up his leg but it’s like I couldn’t think straight. Honestly, it would have probably crossed my mind to gnaw through the bars before I would think to grease him up. It was like some primitive “get my baby out of this” moment. Henry cried for about 1 minute afterwards then calmed down. I put him back down in the crib (far away from the bars) to go and grab the diaper pail. When I got back up, it’s like he was trying to do the same thing:

Oh hello... ummm... I'm not doing anything, everything is cool...


Well look at that, my leg just went through these bars here...


I swear he was doing it again for kicks. I guess the days of me plopping him in his crib while I do some quick task like brush my teeth or let the dog out are over with now that he instantly rolls over the second I put him down.


Newest Member of Our Family

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Right before Henry was born, like literally hours before, our friends Ross, Selena and their son Declan gave us a baby shower gift consisting of some pjs, some slippers and a gift certificate to Build-A-Bear. I had wanted to build a bear before Henry was born but he had other ideas. Anyways, time kind of got away from us and I kept forgetting about the gift certificate until today.

Henry LOVES dogs. He’ll stop everything he’s doing to stare and Ginger and talk to her so I thought a stuffed dog would be cool. Also, because I’m a hipster at heart, I wanted him to be wearing something funky, geeky, retro-ish. So without further ado, introducing Argo Woofstein the third:

Argo is an Australian Outback Adventurer


G'Day Mate!


Everyone loves a weiner dog with hip glasses right?


Argo and Henry... Friends Already


Thanks Selena, Ross and Declan!


Funny Face July 20, 2011

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Henry discovered today that he has a tongue. He kept sticking it out and making it go from side to side. I thought it was hilarious so I started laughing out loud. He thought my laughter was funny so he would start laughing as well. It’s like he realized that something he does makes me laugh, so now whenever I look at him, he sticks his tongue out and I laugh and he gets the brightest smile on his face like “I made my mommy happy!”

Henry's new skill


Laughing at his tricks


I can do it all day



Remembering Harry July 19, 2011

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Yesterday my friend Jenn and her baby Warren, along with Henry and I, subverted the authority of the Coliseum theater by bringing our babies to a regular showing of the new Harry Potter movie. Ever since the summer started, they’ve been playing crap movies at stars and strollers, probably because it’s only $8.99 for stars and stroller movies and it’s $10.99 for regular movies, so might as well play the crappy stuff for moms. Anyways, the movie was awesome. I spent a lot of time worrying about what others were thinking about the two babies talking during the movie (honestly though, the boys were super well behaved.) but when I let myself get taken in by the movie, I really got into it. I even got a little teary eyed. I’d love to see it again. Hopefully it will come to stars and strollers next week (although I doubt it) and I’ll be able to focus on the movie.

After seeing the movie yesterday, I started thinking about my decade long love affair with the Harry Potter series. I’ll always remember, in 2001, I went to the movies and saw a preview for the first movie. It looked interesting and I kept thinking “How do I know what this is?” and then it dawned on me that this was the series that my little sister Nina was reading for school. So that night I got home and borrowed the first book and pretty much read it overnight. I then borrowed the 2nd and 3rd and read them in a weekend. I wanted to borrow the 4th book but she was in the middle of reading that one so I went and  bought it myself. By the time the 1st movie actually came out in theaters, I was one of the first in line, dragging my friend Marc to go see it. I remember sitting in almost the front row, neck awkwardly arched back to watch the screen and just being blown away by the movie.  I kept telling myself stuff like “OMG! that’s Snape!” and “That’s totally how I imagined Quidditch!”. I ended up seeing the movie 4 times in theater and bought the movie the second it came out on DVD.

At the time, only 4 books had been released so I was one of those people who would order the books for same day delivery when they were finally released. The second the UPS guy would deliver them, I’d tear open the box and plop myself down on a sofa and just read until I was done. Not only was I just craving the books, I didn’t want anyone to ruin them for me.

I’ve enjoyed the movies as well. Some more than others. What I’ve really liked is seeing how those young actors kind of came into their own acting wise. That last movie had a lot of complex emotions that they had to portray. A far cry from the first movie when they had to do quick cuts with the child actors since they’d lose their focus so quickly.

The Harry Potter series also made me develop an appreciation for Young Adult novels. Sometimes far better than regular fiction. Without the Harry Potter series, I would probably not have read many of the books I now treasure such as the Brisingr series by Christopher Paolini, the Gemma Doyle series by Libba Bray, the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, His Dark Material by Phillip Pullman, The Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan or the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.  Most importantly, I don’t think I would have read the Lord of the Rings trilogy had it not been for Harry Potter (I also credit my criminology 301 class that I was trying to avoid studying for when I first cracked open the LOTR series).

I can’t wait to start reading them to Henry. I really hope he enjoys them. By his cooing and chatter at the movies yesterday, I would assume that yes, he’ll be a big fan.


Fortuitous Encounter July 17, 2011

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Chris went for a 7 mile walk with Henry this morning while I slept (he’s training for the army run half marathon). Anyways, when he got back he told me about a garage sale down the street that had a bunch of baby stuff for sale. Anyways, I decided to go check it out since baby stuff is ridiculously expensive. I got there and there were quite a few things that looked neat. I got a $3 mobile since we’ll have to give ours back to Steph at some point once Niko is born. I also got Henry a pretty sturdy walker for $5. I got this spinning ball with a monkey on it that plays music and encourages babies to crawl for $3 as well as this driving toy and a french book. In total I spent about $16. The cool thing though is that I started talking to the seller and found out she’s a daycare provide and is getting rid of a bunch of toys because she’s changing up her daycare and bringing more natural toys in like things made out of wood or recycled products or knitted items. This got me a bit interested so I started asking her more details. She runs a bilingual daycare, has a baby Henry’s age and a 3 year old. She’s also taking care of 19 month old twins. She told me she tries to run her daycare using the Waldorf method (I had to google it when I got home but liked what I read). I asked her if she had any openings in February and she gave me her card and told me I should email later on the year since it’s difficult to predict when she would have an opening. She also encouraged me to conduct several interviews which I kind of found honestly refreshing.

Anyways, I’ve been doing more tummy time with Henry and it’s really helping him strengthen his core. He could sit up on his own today while playing with one of the new (old) toys I got him. Also, now every time I put him on his back, he just rolls over then gets stuck that way. So he’ll roll over, play for a while then cry until I come and help him roll back onto his back. He then calms down and then rolls right over again.

learning to drive


fascinated by his new toy


a tad upset with his new monkey toy


Maybe if I reach for it we can become friends


much better


Sick Baby Take 3

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So Henry’s 5 months old and on his 3rd cold. He definitely takes after me for his immune system. I’m going to have to campaign the government to give more than 5 family days if this continues.  Anyways, my friend Selena recommended we get a Hydrasense nasal aspirator for colds and boy am I glad I listened to her. Forget those stupid suction ball things that come in the grooming kits, they’re useless.  By the time you stuff that ball in the baby’s nose, most of the air in the suction ball is gone. Anyways this hydrasense aspirator is a million times better.

it looks weird but works like a charm


We went for another picnic on Saturday.

the view from our picnic table


Henry doing his B-boy routine on Chris


Ginger being soulfull


Man Vs Animal... who will win?


The Winner!


Yep, I was there too. I'm the picture taker so there's rarely pics of me unless I take them.


Time for a change July 15, 2011

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I feel I had become a bit too complacent style wise ever since having Henry. Yes I really enjoyed having long hair but all I did was put it in a ponytail and rarely styled it. I liked the long hair hippy earth mama vibe I was putting out but I was suppressing my “trying to be current and hip” self.

Anyways with the summer heat/humidity, my long hair was taking forever to dry and because it was so long and heavy, it was lying flat with curls at the bottom. I decided I wanted something a bit more edgy with lots and lots of textured layers so that when I let my hair air dry (which is 99% of the time), it would look wild and crazy and curly (Yes, I’ve finally embraced the curls). So without further ado, here are some before and after pics. I got some long side bangs however in these pics, I’ve pined them back and up. I’m also wearing the same shirt to give some perspective (ok, actually, it just ended up that I’m wearing the same shirt).

really long and not very styled


rock on


as you can see, it's very curly


head on. It's tough trying to show off hair while doing a self pic. I should have asked Chris to take it.


rock on mom!