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My Little Buddy June 28, 2011

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Nope, not Henry but Atticus… Our cat Atticus had to have a tooth removed yesterday. Poor little guy. He willingly went in the cat carrier yesterday morning not realizing it was going to be a tough day for him. All day Purrl walked around the house wailing, I assume she was looking for him. It made me realize that we’ve been neglecting our animals a bit since Henry’s come along.  I mean they’re well fed, watered, walked but they haven’t been receiving the same amount of attention they got used to for 5-6 years which makes me feel guilty. I know a lot of people are like “well they’re just animals” but they’re more than that to me. They’re my family. I can’t count the times where all three of them comforted me when I was down or sad. I owe them more than to be relegated to just “family pet”. So from now on I’m making an effort to give as much love and attention as I can to our pets.

I'm going to lie here in protest until you bring Atticus back,,,,or rub my belly


Atticus looking a little "cartoon eyes" after his mini surgery...


our shaggy dog


I also wanted to thank our friends Erin and Mark for sending us some awesome books. We received the latest one the other day and Henry loves it:

This is delicious!


Also thought I’d show the many faces of Henry yesterday:

Sweet and Innocen Dr. Jekyll


Shifty Mr. Hyde "Mouahahahahahahaha!!!"


2 Responses to “My Little Buddy”

  1. Kelly Says:

    You’ve got such a full house Melina… doobedy bop bop whah.

  2. I wanted to send you that book but it wasn’t released by the time I had gotten your package together.

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