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Secret Recipe Revealed June 27, 2011

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I’ve decided to share my recipe for a sleepless night. It’s got quite a few ingredients so pay attention.

1. Take a baby that tosses and turns loudly in his sleep and will wake up screaming every 3 hours and mix in equal parts with a husband who’s so tired he sounds like a transport truck parked in our bedroom when he’s snoring…

2. Once that’s mixed add an incredibly stubborn cat who’s able to predict where exactly you want to put your legs and will reach there first and then refuse to move no matter how often you kick to push him off the edge of the bed.

3. Now here comes the tricky part, add about 30 minutes of fireworks and make sure your nervous dog hears them and pants heavily in your face and shakes her head every minute thus ringing the tags on her collar.

4. Spend the rest of the night trying to figure out how you’ll cleverly describe your sleepless night on your blog.



It's official... Henry is going to be a "WHAASSSSSUUUUUPPPP!!!!" guy


One Response to “Secret Recipe Revealed”

  1. You’re making me so glad we don’t have any pets.

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