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Osteopath Goodness June 26, 2011

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I took Henry back to see our osteopath yesterday. It was my last ditch attempt to get Henry to sleep better. I feel stupid for having waited so long. Elliot (our osteopath) could tell right away that something was off with Henry. I myself had noticed Henry seemed to be getting stiffer. He had stopped rolling over and would only kick with one leg. His digestive system was all off as well. Anyways, Elliot could tell that his pelvic bones were a little stuck as well as his hips and that was affecting his kidneys and bowel. Anyways he did a major adjustment on Henry and was telling us he may not be sleeping well due to the discomfort he’s feeling which is often due to the major growth spurts babies go through. I had told him that recently Henry had kind of stopped napping during the day as well. Well partway through the adjustment, Henry just kind of sighed and fell asleep like he really needed it.  Yesterday afternoon he had an almost 3 hour nap which was just amazing.

Last night, the best part, he slept from 9:30pm to 3:30am!!! It was awesome. I think he would have slept longer had his bedtime routine not been affected by us going out for dinner at my friend Vero’s new house.Oh and something else, Henry started rolling over almost immediately after his adjustment. I recommend an osteopath visit to anyone who’s worried about their baby.


I'm so relaxed!


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