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SCREEECH!!! June 23, 2011

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Did somebody let out a velociraptor? Nope, that’s just Henry who recently discovered it’s fun to make high pitched screeches that are so similar to the dangerous dino, that Jeff Goldblum would probably run for his life if he heard it (har har 1993 Jurassic Park joke).

Whether it’s early in the morning when mom is trying to sleep just a little longer, or in Baby Sensory class when the instructor is trying to explain something, or at the movies while the rest of the audience would rather hear what the kids from Super 8 have to say instead of him, he’ll screech just about anywhere and then laugh. He did it at the pharmacy today and I had to explain to some random lady that no, he was not angry, he just likes doing it.

Speaking of Super 8, the movie was pretty great. I enjoyed all of it and even got a little teary eyed at the end with this scene:

When the main kid "let's go" of something precious, I fought back tears


It was great seeing a movie where the most famous actor is the coach from Friday Night Lights. The kids were great actors and I hope they continue with their acting careers.

Anyways, back to my little man, here are some recent pics. I’m starting to find he looks more like a little boy rather than  baby.

tummy time pro


me and my massive feet


will you put down the camera please?


after his trademark screech




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