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Pool Party June 21, 2011

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On Father’s day, Henry swam for the first time in my mom’s pool. Chris was in there with him. He cried for a few minutes, I think out of shock, but towards the end he really seemed to be enjoying it. I look forward to swimming with him more throughout the summer.

Get me OUT OF HERE!!!


I guess this isn't soooo bad...


bundling up with mom afterwards


We then went home and had a great nap, sleeping until around 4:30pm. We then went to my dad’s place for some Thai food. Henry just loves my dad’s beagle Boomer. He kept starring at her and laughing like she was the funniest thing.


Flying high


Boomer the comedian


Last night, Henry slept for 6 hours straight which was just divine. He woke at 3am for a quick feed and then went back to sleep. I spent an hour, from 3 to 4 am marveling at the fact that he slept 6 hours. I know, stupid of me to do. We went to Salsa Babies today where Henry played with one of his first friends, Evan. You know how Henry picks on Luis from time to time? Well Evan had the upper hand this time, always reaching over to grab Henry. They’re so cute together. Evan’s mom Michelle and I had to partner up for a “cha cha cha” dance which we completely butchered but had fun doing it.

Why is this guy laughing?


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