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Playdate June 18, 2011

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I love that every week I have a standing appointment with Sandra and her baby Luis. It’s just fun hanging out and watching the babies “play” with each other. I think they’re becoming a bit more aware of each other which is neat to see. Yesterday was my turn to go to Sandra’s and I stopped at the Asian grocery store T&T beforehand to pick up some lunch for both of us. I swear I could eat BBQ pork buns all day. So delicious. Also had some rice, general tao’s chicken, pineapple chicken and spicy beef, all for the total price of $10. Dangerously affordable.

big smiles

Henry's giving a "mom don't force this" look...

Holding Hands

I know this pic is a little blurry but I love it anyways.

Open WIDE!


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