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Picnic at Pinhey’s Point June 18, 2011

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Today we decided to have a picnic. We went to Pinhey’s pointwhich is really close to our house yet we had never been. It was gorgeous. Also it was our first picnic since we’ve been married. It seems like every time we’d plan one, things would sort of fall through but we were determined to go today and used one of our wedding gifts from our friends Erin and Mark, a picnic backpack. We had such a great time that we’ve decided to do it more often. Without further ado, here’s our picnic in pictures.

Thanks for including me guys!


My handsome man.


My temporary sunglasses. I'm trying to find the perfect pair...


the path down to the water


view from our picnic table


naptime before lunch


delicious spread courtesy of the new Sobey's down the road from us



I'm just going to chill out under here ok?


Henry was fascinated by the cow print plates





Hold on to me dad... this is a little scary


Henry just loved being outdoors. I think he really enjoyed the leaves blowing in the wind. Every time the wind would pick up he’d start chatting loudly. Ginger also made a friend at the park, she came on a little strong though so the puppy just kind of ignored her.


My name is Hugo and I'm 11 weeks old.

Oh I forgot to mention that Henry slept until almost 11am this morning. He woke up at 11pm, 2:30am and 4:30 am and then just slept the until 11. Both Chris and I were wondering what the heck was happening. I ended up going upstairs to check on him at 11 and he was awake just kind of starring out the window.  Usually he cries when he wakes up but he was all smiles and giggly this morning. Must be an early Father’s day gift. Both Henry and Chris are now napping upstairs.

Oh and I’m posting this following picture for my mom. I told her that yesterday Henry was wearing something that I think Freddy Mercury (the lead singer from Queen) would wear and she wasn’t sure what I was talking about so here you go mom:

lounging around while mom checks her email




One Response to “Picnic at Pinhey’s Point”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    We went their yesterday! It’s so pretty.. and Henry’s fathers day gift is AMAZING, I think you have an artist on your hands 🙂

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