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Fun Day June 17, 2011

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Yesterday Henry had his Baby Sensory class which he loves. We played with Pompoms, bubbles, a parachute and glow in the dark balls. He just had a blast with everything. I love how excited he gets for this class. He was in such a good mood that I was able to go to Bayshore with him afterwards for a bit of retail therapy. I bought him a few summer romper outfits and got myself a skirt and a top. I realized afterwards that I bought matching colours for both Henry and myself. I guess we’ll have to make sure we talk to each other in the morning before getting dressed since that could get quite embarrassing. I also realized when I got home that I’ve become a huge fan of stripes in clothing. You’d think that it was super unflattering but I bought some diagonal striped items and it hides that remaining kangaroo pouch quite nicely 🙂


What the hell is that?

There's some mighty fine babies in this class...

When we got home I was feeling a little silly so we did a photo op in one of Henry’s new outfits. We also realized that the tag blanket that our friend Amy made would make a great Royal Wedding Hat if we were ever in a pinch:

Eat your heart out Princess Beatrice

and here’s a collage of some of the photos we took:


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  1. Kelly Says:

    Great pics Melina!

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