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Window Pain… June 10, 2011

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Henry, Ginger and I spent all morning in the basement yesterday while the upstairs windows were being replaced. It was pretty loud and by 11:00 I was glad I was heading out to lunch and a movie with my friend Mel and her son Justin. They were great company:

finger licking good!


Henry not so much:

maybe if I pretend I'm sleeping, they won't talk to me


we saw Bridesmaids again. Just as good the second time around. I got home to be told by the installers that Ginger had escaped the confines of the basement. She must have moved the sofa that was blocking the stairs. I wondered what motivated her to do that and then I saw the massive pile of crap near the computer room in the basement.  She probably pooped then decided “wow, it smells really bad down here, i should try and find a way upstairs.”. So today I’m staying at home with my poopy dog and poopy baby. Hopefully they’ll be done soon. There’s only the patio door and the big window left to replace and we were informed yesterday that the big window they had made cracked at the factory so that one may take another week.

And to end, I wanted to put these cute towel pics of Henry:

I look like a young Obi Wan


Gazing off into the future and giving it a thumbs up.


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