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Clap for the Wolfman June 8, 2011

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Yes I know, 3 posts in one day. I guess I have been neglecting Chris a little. I usually cut his hair but with Henry around, it makes it difficult to set aside a time to do it. Henry gave us a solid 20 minutes of being chill for me to tend to my neglected husband.

Before: The hairy bearded man...


After: The groomed man

I cut it a bit shorter than usual since I figured it may be a while before I can cut it again. You may not realize from these pics but Chris has a crapload of hair! The bathtub was full.

Meanwhile, our little baby was doing a striptease in hopes of getting our attention

you can't handle all this belly...




One Response to “Clap for the Wolfman”

  1. aislinn Says:

    oh melina you are the cutest… well, after henry that is 😉

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