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4 month sleep regression June 5, 2011

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So for the past two weeks I’ve been trying to figure out just what the hell is wrong with Henry at night. I originally thought it was his cold that was making him wake up every 2-3 hours but then a friend of mine, who’s daughter was born a day before Henry, mentioned on Facebook something about 4 month sleep regression. I started researching it and it seems to fit with everything we’re experiencing with Henry. Last night was the worst in which he woke up ever two hours, then every hour and a half and one point he woke up 30 minutes later.

I read somewhere that around this age, baby sleep cycles are changing and becoming more like adults, where there’s periods of light and deep sleep. Some babies, around 4 months, once they come out of deep sleep and go back to light sleep seem to wake themselves up since they can’t seem to fall back asleep on their own. I wasn’t super satisfied with this answer.  A lot of suggestions were “let him cry it out” or “you shouldn’t nurse your baby to sleep”. Well at 2 in the morning when your baby is screaming bloody murder and you know that nursing will quiet him down, it’s kind of hard to go “no wait, I’m going to endure this screaming longer and stay up with him”.

I then found this other blog post at Ask Moxie. Although she doesn’t give solutions, she explains the whole sleep regression thing very well. In fact she hates that people call it a regression since it indicates that baby’s sleep is some kind of linear thing. She talks a lot about a book called “Wonder Weeks” which highlights all these developmental stages your baby goes through both physically and mentally and that there’s a big mental growth spurt around 19 weeks and that leading up to that spurt can really disrupt a baby’s sleep patterns (As well as eating pattern, their mood, pretty much everything). So I feel much more satisfied with this answer. It kind of lets me know “well there’s nothing you can really do about this, it’s going to happen one way or another” instead of me frantically looking for solutions at 3am, I can just bear these few weeks of crazy terrible sleep and know that this to shall pass. To get through it, I’ll just have to go back to napping at the same time as him during the day (easier said than done). Another lesson about being a new mom, you can’t control everything and sometimes there are no solutions.


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