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Awaken your senses June 3, 2011

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Henry and I have been taking Baby Sensory classes over the past two weeks. It’s like an intense hour of sensory overload where babies get to explore the use of their 5 senses. Henry loves it. When we sing songs while signing he gets very serious and observes all the movements. He loves the songs that involve tickling and touching. They also offer great tips like how to use household items to make toys instead of buying expensive ones. Henry sleeps so well afterwards as well like if he’s just mentally exhausted. It’s a great way to socialize with other moms as well. Most of Henry’s classmates were born within a week of his birth date. Yesterday, the instructor went around the class and asked each of us what we’ve learned from becoming a mom. There were so many things I could have said. I was the first to go so I said “I’ve learned that I can function with very little sleep. I had no idea I had this deep reserve inside of me that pushes me to keep going.”

I figured I’d put some more things that I’ve learned from being a mom

1- I’ve learned to really appreciate Chris and his willingness to take Henry in the middle of the night during a work week to prevent me having a mental breakdown. Or when he takes Henry for a walk in the afternoon, giving me some “me time”. I don’t know how single parents do it. Chris has been my rock through all of this so far.

2- I’ve learned to appreciate my own mom who had to put up with me. Not to dispel dads and all since I’m not one, I can’t really compare but the necessary inner strength it takes to be a mom is both exhausting and rewarding.

3- I’ve become adept at recognizing very subtle cues. I can also tell you whether Henry’s cry is due to hunger, fatigue or frustration.

4- I’ve learned to put someone else’s needs ahead of my own.

5- I found this pure self-sacrificing love inside me that I didn’t know was possible. One where I would take all of Henry’s pain and misery just so he wouldn’t have to suffer.

6- I’ve learned that a smile can be the best gift in the world.

7- I’ve learned that baby laughter is freaking hilarious and could listen to it for hours.

8- I’m no longer as grossed out by bodily functions and actually find I talk about it a lot now. Poor Henry will be so embarrassed by the blog when he’s older.

9- I’ve learned to see wonder through a baby’s eyes. Like a bright wall or a blinking light. It’s all very fascinating.

10- I’ve learned that I have a wonderful group of friends who are fellow moms and offer great advice and are willing to help out on anything whether they live 5 minutes away or all the way in Senegal.

Anyways, there’s a bunch more but I thought I’d leave it at 10. Any you can think of whether funny or cheesy?




4 Responses to “Awaken your senses”

  1. Mom Says:

    When I had you, I quickly learned to shovel down boiling hot food, so I could eat while it was hot, or, if you did not cooperate, eat it stone cold. I actually developed a taste for stone cold food. Hot food was so overrated back then. Sheessh!

  2. Selena Says:

    thanks babe! I’m glad I can help!!!

  3. My wife and I were so impressed with Baby Sensory back in the UK, that we actually bought the franchise and brought it over to the USA, to offer all babies and parents the chance to learn, develop and have an educational but fun time for each parent with baby. What a success!

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