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Bad Luck June 2, 2011

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I’ve been having some bad luck over the past couple of days. Either it’s that or someone’s placed a curse 0n me. Allow me to explain.

Two mornings ago, so Tuesday, I brought Henry into bed to nurse him as he was waking up. It was one of those serene mommy and baby moments that was shattered by Henry’s diaper not being fastened properly. So as I’m nursing, I hear his habitual “poop” noise only this time, my arm feels all wet. I lift my arm and it’s covered in poo. So’s Henry. And my nursing pillow sheet. It was kind of one of those panicky “what do I take care of first!!” moments. I ended up stripping Henry down and we both got into the bathtub to wash up. Then I washed his clothes, diaper cover and the sheet in the other bathtub while Henry played in his crib with the mobile.

Afterwards, I realized our internet was not working so I kind of did the standard plug/unplug of the modem but nothing worked. I kind of ignored it until the afternoon when I started going a little stir crazy, I decided to call Acanac (our internet provider).  So I’m holding Henry in one hand and on the phone (on hold) with the other. It took me 10 minutes of being on hold to reach someone who suggested I try plugging the modem in practically all the other phone jacks in our house in order to make sure it wasn’t just the modem acting up. So I’m running around with Henry, the modem and the phone trying to test it out when my phone just dies on me. I was so pissed, I grab our other phone and call back and am back in the queue and now wait 20 minutes for more service, in the meantime, my other phone started dying so I had to run upstairs to use a non cordless phone at which point Henry was freaking out so I had to nurse him while waiting on the phone. Did I mention it was freaking hot that day? I was sweating buckets which didn’t make sense since I had turned the AC on in the morning but it just didn’t seem to be cooling down the house. I finally get through to someone who tells me to test the modem on the demark line, which of course it didn’t work either and then they said “why don’t you bring your modem to a neighbour to make sure it’s not your modem”. By then I decided I was waiting for Chris to get home to do anything more. When Chris came home, he goes to the basement, comes back up and says “you know you didn’t turn the switch on for the AC at the source eh?” So I had been just blowing air in the house all day. Sigh…

And now la piece de resistance. I’ve had a pretty nasty cough as a remnant of my cold and it often keeps me up at night. Last night as I’m coughing in bed, my entire meal decides to come back up as well, so I run to the bathroom in the dark and lift the toilet seat up to throw up and as I’m throwing up, the toilet seat comes slamming back down on my nose and smashing it painfully. I was crying and laughing at the same time and my nose started bleeding a little. Chris came running in to find out if I was ok and when I told him what happened, he couldn’t help laughing as well. So now my nose is all tender and sore.

Here’s hoping my bad luck is over.

Quite possibly the one who cursed me for not paying enough attention to her.


One Response to “Bad Luck”

  1. Mom Says:

    She does look evil in this picture, I bet she COULD put a curse on you! I can hear the song just looking at her…

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