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Heatwave!!! June 1, 2011

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Having had a winter baby, I’m not prepared for how to dress Henry up during the summer. I keep thinking about the rule “add one layer more to what’s comfortable for you”. Well if he takes after me, that would be a onesie and pants. If he takes after Chris, it’s probably nothing.  I’m thinking he takes more after Chris. We have him sleeping in onesies now and swaddle him with a light blanket from Aden and Anais (Thanks Gillian). The good thing about the heat is that Henry is back to sleeping for more than 3 hours and no longer freaks out when we go to put him down in his bed. Last night he woke up at 2am, the around 6am then went back to sleep until 8:30. Hallelujah!

What do you mean I can't take off my sweater??? I'M HOT!!!!

I’ve been following the blog Film in the Fridge a lot lately. Her quilts are just so gorgeous. I remember when I was a kid I thought Quilts were a grandma thing but not anymore. I realized that they can be these awesome works of art and really fun to do. The fact that she keeps quilting while having a really young baby at home is even more inspiring. I went to to order some quilting fabric. I want to make a black and white with a hint of red quilt and follow a Joel Dewberry quilt pattern that I have at home (not ready yet for making my own pattern). Had to put the kibosh on that plan with the looming Canada Post strike. They’re nipping my creativity in the bud… The only fabric store here is Fabricland and their selection isn’t that great 😦

Henry on his homemade baby quilt that used to be so huge for him and now is getting smaller and smaller by the day.


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