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Our weekend May 29, 2011

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We had a pretty good weekend. It was great having Chris at home for two days since Henry’s still in this weird clingy phase at night where he kind of freaks out when we put him down. Luckily last night, after his initial freak out, he slept for 6 hours.

We found a bottle that Henry will take too. Unfortunately it’s an empty beer bottle. Chris was holding Henry and the bottle and he kind of just latched on. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a baby latch on to a beer bottle. I wonder what the appeal is.

no cheap beer for Henry, only the good stuff such as the flying monkeys brewery bottles.


Yesterday Chris brought Henry and Ginger to Bruce Pitt for a walk and dropped me off at Chapters to pick up a few gifts for people. When they picked me up, we decided to stop at the grocery store however Henry decided to freak out so while Chris ran into the store, I nursed Henry in the car. Chris parked pretty far from the store so that I wouldn’t have to deal with prying eyes however pretty much everyone who had parked nearby chose that moment to come back to their car. Oh well, if they can’t deal with it, that’s not my problem. When I was done nursing, we decided to continue our “bad parent” photo series (see above picture as example) and took some pictures of what looks like Henry driving our car.

hands at 10 and 2.


I spent yesterday afternoon making baby pants and watching the movie “I Love You Philip Morris” which was pretty good. This morning Gillian and Josie came by and made us breakfast which was nice.

Here are more pics and a video of the weeekend.

my two babies


Tummy Time Master


Who's that handsome devil???


And here’s a video of Henry laughing. He likes getting tickled while being changed.




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  1. Mom Says:

    Le vidéo de Henry qui rit est l’affaire la plus cute au monde !!!!!

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