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Oh Sew Good…. May 29, 2011

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With the weather getting warmer, we realized that Henry is a bit of a sweaty baby. We knew he was a heat machine in the winter but didn’t realize how much it would affect him in the warm weather until last weekend when we took him out of his car seat and he was soaking wet from sweat. Anyways, most of the pants we have for him are of the sweatpant variety aside from a couple of pairs. I decided to use the leftover fabric from the nursing cover and make a pair of baby pants for Henry.  I made them for 6-9 months old but the pattern doesn’t really take into consideration cloth diaper bulges meaning the pants won’t fit for very long so I’ll probably make the next pair 9-12 months.

Here’s Henry modelling the new pair of pants. Chris calls them his EZ wear South Beach lounge pants. He’s just jealous.

look how relaxed I look



I was so inspired by the pants that I went out and bought a sewing book today for making additional baby items. I also organized all my fabric into various boxes. I have one box of just scraps of fabric but feel I can now do so much baby stuff with them. Once I get a bit more comfortable with baby clothes, I just might upgrade to adult clothing. There’s a dress and a few skirts I wouldn’t mind making for myself.


One Response to “Oh Sew Good….”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    Could you please make me some of those south beach pants? Look super comfy!!!

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