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Sick Baby May 26, 2011

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Poor Henry has been sick the past two days with a bad cold. On Tuesday night you could tell he was in pain, he would moan and cry in his sleep which would eventually wake him up every hour and a half where he’d try and nurse but his stuffed up nose wouldn’t permit it. I kept using that hydraspray stuff but I felt like I was waterboarding him. Tried suctioning as well but he kept freaking out. At one point he didn’t want to be put down and could only fall asleep on me. Needless to say it was a really tough night. Thankfully Chris took a family day yesterday and I was able to sleep while he looked after our sick baby.

By yesterday afternoon I thought things were better but I should have realized that colds are worse at night so last night we went through the same routine all over again. It was a bit better in that he would only wake up every 2 1/2 hours but it was still tough. I ran a few showers last night in hopes of clearing his little sinuses. It seemed to help him breath. At one point he sneezed really hard and there was snot everywhere. Kind of gross but at the same time I was happy it was out and not in.

Today he’s a bit cranky but we have a baby sensory class to go to. He seems a bit better but if it tonight is the same thing, I’ll try and bring him to the doctor’s tomorrow.

I don't feel good!


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