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Sew Fun! May 23, 2011

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Well I did it! I managed to finish two sewing projects today. I didn’t get to do my duvet project since I didn’t have the right material.

My first project was a nursing cover for my friend April (as mentioned in the previous post, I had promised this back in February). April had chosen the material which is from the Amy Butler Rowan collection. It’s beautiful fabric. I had ordered two yards of it so I’m eager to make something with the remainder. Possibly something for Henry like summer lounge pants or something.

with a peekaboo boob view.

The next project was an additional crib sheet for Henry’s bed. I had made two before he was born. One that I’ve showcased on this blog before which was a brown flannel with animals pattern. The other was a nice cotton which I had made about 3 days before Henry was  born.  I must have been suffering from severe baby brain when I originally made the second one since when I tried to put it on the crib mattress a few weeks ago, it was way to short. So I now use that one for Henry’s playpen:

The "now" playpen sheet.

So I made a new crib sheet with the correct measurements today. I used some Valeri Wells fabric that I had purchased at the handmade harvest craft show in Almonte a few weeks ago from the seller Dutch Girl Textiles. I loved this fabric and thought it would look really nice in Henry’s room. I love how “fresh looking” the sheet turned out.

It felt good to craft after so many months off taking care of Henry. Maybe now with his new floor mat, I can plop him beside me and I can sew some more.


2 Responses to “Sew Fun!”

  1. April Hardwick Says:

    ooh! yay! 😀 I love it! I love dutch girl too! She makes me want to quilt 🙂

  2. aislinn Says:

    i am jealous of your skills! well done 🙂

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