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A special anniversary May 15, 2011

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Yesterday (the 14th) marked my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and so my entire family (plus a lot of honorary members) went to my aunt Elise and uncle Tino’s house to celebrate. A friend of the family, Shalan, took a bunch of family pictures. We wanted to take one of the entire family together, but given the amount of people we are, the space in my aunt’s house and the uncooperative weather, the pics were instead of each smaller family with my grandparents and a few of all my aunts with my grandparents. Such as the one below.

Looks like my aunt Sylvie is doing a giant split.

We ate lots of great food that everyone brought:


It was great seeing all my cousins, many whom I had not seen in over a year. Henry did a lot better at this family event than last weeks’. I guess he was ready for the noise level. Anyways, here are some additional pics of the evening.

My sister Steph, my mom and me

my godmother Monique aka the baby charmer. Henry fell asleep within minutes of this picture being taken

my nephew Logan hitting the "sauce"

Chris and I doing our usual photo op

Henry enjoying the party!

We had to leave early but we got to listen to various speeches praising my grandparents, followed by the announcement that their gift is a trip to Hawaii next April and topped off with a gorgeous cake made by my aunt Odette (unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of the cake).


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