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Baby You’re Drool Worthy! May 11, 2011

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We’ve been having a few wardrobe changes a day lately due to Henry’s new fun game of drooling all over himself. Also, if his shirt is a little loose, he’ll bring it up to his mouth and chew on it, getting it all wet. I think it’s time we give up the battle and start putting a bib on him, however Chris says he looks “dweeb-ish” with a bib on. Thankfully with all the clothes people are willing to give us these days, Henry could probably go through several wardrobe changes a day.

I’ve had to retire Henry’s 3 month old sleepers and I got really sad about the whole process of putting them away. I love those tiny little sleepers and it forces me to face the reality that Henry’s getting bigger. Another thing I have to face is that I now have the biggest under eye circles. I had some dark circles before but now it’s hard to avoid/cover up.

under eye circles courtesy of sleepless nights due to Henry, a snoring husband and a wailing cat.

Other developments, Henry has decided that he wants to stand/walk and when we go to lift him up by his arms (to help strengthen his neck muscles), instead of sitting up, he straightens his legs to stand instead.

I love doing this!


One Response to “Baby You’re Drool Worthy!”

  1. Samantha Says:

    I love reading these updates! We’re pretty much in the same boat with Delphine, shiny chin and wet shirt constantly, I’m also debating the bib but your Hubby is right, it just ruins an outfit lol. I have however seen these bandana bibs that aren’t bad!! I’m pretty sure you can find them at any posh baby store like fab baby gear or milkface, I saw them at planete bebe in les promenades de loutaouais (actually they have alot of neat stuff there, it’s where I finally found a wubbanub!!)

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