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What a Busy Weekend May 9, 2011

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Poor little Henry was a tad overwhelmed by all the activities this weekend and slept a long time yesterday afternoon, then last night he woke up at 1am then 5am and then we were woken up by my dad at 9:15am. I think he would have slept longer had we not had the company.  Anyways, recap of the weekend.

Friday was my grandfather’s birthday party where Henry was faced with the largest crowd he’s ever been in…yep, my family. He handled it like a champ. He was a bit cranky here and there but I think that was more due to the noise level and that it was getting a little late in the evening.

Saturday we went to Almonte for the Handmade Harvest craft sale where I bought a funky robot print for Henry’s room and some fabric to make additional crib sheets for Henry’s bed. I also bought some antique hair pins and a antique pendant from Crazy Fox Studios which I just loved. Had Chris not been present, I would have bought a ton more. After the craft show, we went to celebrate Mother’s Day at Chris’ parents place with a great outdoor lunch. I unfortunately forgot my camera so here’s a pic of another time Henry spent with his Lolly and Pops

Henry with Lolly and Pops

Yesterday we had a whole whack of people over for brunch. My mom, my grandparents, my sisters and my brother.Chris made a delicious Spinach and Gruyere Stratta which was just divine, as well as armenian potatoes, a strawberry salad and some bacon. My sister Steph brought cupcakes and ice cream for dessert. It was a great brunch however Steph’s dog Lilly (who’s birthday it was yesterday as well), decided that running away would be funny. We eventually found her two streets down. I think she would have kept walking until her legs gave out.

Chris, Henry, Logan, my mom, Frank and Lilly

A face only a mother could love... and Lilly (hehe, just kidding Frank!)

Don't I look fetching in stripes?

Today my dad dropped by for a visit and brought some gifts from Europe. Henry got a marionette which is very similar to one I had when I was a babythat my parents had used to help potty train me. Hopefully this new marionette will have the same success.


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