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Another anniversary! May 7, 2011

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Henry is 3 months old today. Time is just flying by. Like I mentioned in my previous post, it’s like he decided this past week that he was now a grown up and started cutting down on feedings, started taking naps and now wakes up once a night (knock on wood).  While talking to my aunt Brigitte yesterday at my grandfather’s birthday party, she was talking about her two sons Charles and Vincent who are now in their teens (although it feels like just yesterday they were babies). She said “it’s amazing how you didn’t realize how much you could love someone until you lay eyes on your own child.” I totally agree. I love Henry more and more every day and I love seeing how he’s becoming his own person.

My other aunt Elise was saying yesterday that it’s amazing how quickly children grow up. Her eldest, Aldo is now 25. She was saying a few years ago her husband Tino and my grandfather Germain were the ones plowing through the backwoods creating cross country trails for their kids and now its the kids creating the trails for their parents and grandparents. I just know that as I watch Henry grow, I’m going to try and enjoy each moment.

Henry a few hours old

Henry at 3 months


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