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Bills Bills Bills…. April 29, 2011

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Chris and I had a rude awakening in home ownership the other day when we got the estimates for replacing all our windows. They’re all wood windows, which if they had been maintained over the past 2o years, could still be useful however when most owners view townhouses as a “transient home”, they don’t put much effort in upkeep. So we’re biting the bullet and replacing them all with vinyl windows and it’s costing about $5000 more than we had anticipated, and we’re going with the cheaper estimate! We have the HST to partially thank for that.  This will be the first time we have to dip into our savings like this since buying the house. I have to make sure I keep some money aside to pay my pension when I finish mat leave as well. Well if being parents wasn’t a wake-up call to adulthood, being a home owner sure is! Replacing the windows also kind of made the decision for us that we’re going to stay put for a while longer in this house. We both love it and we don’t feel crowded yet.

As I’m writing this, REM’s “everybody hurts” is playing and I just looked down at Henry and he’s giving me the saddest face. I have to go change that song, I don’t want to raise a little EMO baby…

This song captures the essence of my soul...

I can’t remember who bought Henry these monster slippers, but I just love them!

My pet monster sets its pray in sight...

and attacks... not for the weak of heart.


One Response to “Bills Bills Bills….”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    House ownership is scary grown-up.. in the wind storm yesterday, we lost some shingles. Luckily we didnt have too much damage, unlike some of our neighbours :S
    Hopefully you are feeling better and we are still seeing you Saturday 🙂

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