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Keeping children entertained April 21, 2011

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As Henry grows older, I’m finding it tougher to entertain him while he’s awake. His mobile that makes him really happy can all of a sudden make him furious. I’m convinced those dogs are talking back to him. Same with his favorite lamp. He’ll be smiling at it then all of a sudden, crying at it. I know it’s going to get tougher as he grows older, but hopefully has he gets older, he can start entertaining himself. One of his favourite games though is one I call cleavage shot, where if he times it just right, he’ll spit up all over me and 100 points if he can get it exclusively in my cleavage. It’s one of the grosser feelings out there of some warm pukey liquid making it’s way slowly down towards your stomach.

Yesterday we braved the horrible weather to go visit my aunt Odette in Gatineau. Henry slept the entire way as I took every possible bad road there. I kept second guessing myself and switching routes so instead of 30 minutes it took almost an hour to get there. We had a great time visiting. Henry soaked up all the loving my aunt had to offer. He’s such a hambone sometimes and can really work the ladies. He then slept the entire way back, which meant he was super cranky all the rest of the afternoon until Chris came home. I swear that kid makes a liar out of me all the time. He’ll be freaking out on me then be the sweetest baby when someone comes to visit or when Chris gets home.

Today I took Henry to Starbucks to meet a possible future girlfriend, Tessa who’s my friend Lara’s 9 month old daughter. She was fascinated with Henry and kept trying to grab his hand. It was pretty cute.  Henry played it cool though, he’s going to be a heartbreaker.

And in sadder news, my grandparents dog Fido passed away yesterday. He was 11 years old. I loved that dog. He had such a gentle disposition, nothing really fazed him.  I thought I’d share a funny Fido story to end this post. When he was a puppy and I was still living at home, my grandparents would bring Fido everywhere, including our place. They’d let him out in the backyard and he’d always come back soaking wet. We couldn’t figure out why he was getting so wet. This happened everytime he visited. Finally one day I was outside and saw him run and take a flying leap into my parents pond, chasing the fish inside and everything clicked like “oh so that’s what he was doing!” and then pretty much every time he came over, we had to keep an eye on him since he always, ALWAYS wanted to go back in that tiny pond. Such a fun goofy dog. I’ll miss him a lot.

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