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A Few Firsts… April 16, 2011

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I mentioned this on my facebook account, but we had a few firsts today. Right after feeding Henry, he started chatting with me. Well actually, it was more towards the end of his feeding. He’ll be eating and starring at me and then will try and talk while eating. It’s pretty funny to watch. He’ll also smile while eating now too which is cute. Anyways, today after chatting for a bit, I made these funny noises for him and he giggled. It caught me off guard and it was so sweet that I kind of overreacted so he kind of frowned right after, looking at me intently and probably wondering “what’s up with her?”.

Another first, and this one is major for me, we went to a restaurant for the first time. I’ve been craving sushi for a long time now and I figured, since Hockey Sushi is so close to us, we could go right after a feeding and enjoy at least an hour there. Henry was a real doll. We took him out of his car seat for a bit and he looked around a lot and starred down the people sitting across from us and then when our food got to the table, he fell asleep and we put him back in his car seat and he slept the entire time, only waking up towards the end. He only started crying once we put him back in the car on the way home. It was really nice however I don’t think I really relaxed the entire meal. I kind of felt like I was eating with a ticking bomb that could go off any moment so we somewhat wolfed down our meal very quickly.  Slowly but surely, we’re making our foray back into the real world.

Earlier this week, Henry got to meet his new best friend Luis. His mom Sandra has been my best friend for years. We went to high school together, then did our degrees at the same time, we started dating our husbands on the exact same day (my 21st birthday). Got engaged and married within a few months of each other and now have babies that are a little over a month apart. There’s some kind of universal force making sure that we share our big milestones together, so I’m hoping Henry and Luis get along well.

Henry and Luis - BFF!

The only form of Tummy Time Henry will now tolerate.

Looking tiny in the big chair.

There's something fishy about this bird... I don't trust it. I better keep an eye on it at all times.

Not a Happy Camper

Yesterday, Henry and I went the furthest we’ve ever been and visited my friend Melanie at her house in Ottawa South near the airport. She has this really cool house that was built in the 70s and it’s just amazing. She made us some chocolate cupcakes with coconut/caramel filling from scratch that were divine and Henry took a really long nap in her baby swing which was nice. Here’s hoping to more visits!


One Response to “A Few Firsts…”

  1. odette Says:

    Salut ma belle,
    j’ai bien hâte de vous voir demain (si Henry le veut!)


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