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Hallelujah! April 11, 2011

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Last night was a first, with us going 6 hours between feedings, meaning I got a solid 5 hours of sleep, partially interrupted by the storm. It was great. Although I did find myself startling awake around 1am thinking “why isn’t he awake and hungry?” So we slept from 11pm to 4am. I originally thought it was going to be a tough night since we put him down at 9pm and I said a silent prayer that he sleep well and he woke up at 10:20 and I thought “crap, here we go again…” but nope, he was faking me out. Of course now that I write this, tonight’s going to be hell.

I know I might be getting ahead of myself, but I’m starting a bedtime routine with Henry now. I try to bring him upstairs around 7pm and then I lay him on his back and do some baby massages with him to get him relaxed. I sing songs to him during this and I try to sing the same songs and not ones that I sing during the day. Then depending on how fussy he’s being, I either feed him or read him 2 Caillou books and look through a picture book that has objects written in French, English and Spanish. Finally I pretty much nurse him until he’s full and then hand him off to Chris and we wait for him to fall asleep and then put him to bed. I know at one point I’m going to have to put him to bed before he’s completely asleep since we don’t want to create a huge dependence on us but for now it’s nice. We were even able to put the play pen a bit further from the bed which gives us a bit better sleep. I put a towel that has my sent on it at one end of the play pen so that he thinks I’m closer than I actually am. We kind of jokingly said we should move the play pen a few feet a week until eventually he’s in his own room. However that would be a total fire hazard if we blocked the hallway like that.

My sister Steph lent us a jolly jumper type command center for Henry since he’s always pushing off with his feet. He’s still a little too small for it. His feet kind of just dangle in the air but he’s intrigued by the whole contraption. I’m looking forward to him just pushing off the ground and bouncing around.

I went to baby massage class today in the Glebe (and got a $35 parking ticket…grumble grumble…) and signed up for Mommy and Baby Salsa classes that start May 17th. There’s a drop in mommy and me fit class that they offer Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ll most likely go next week to check it out. Man, I wish we lived in the Glebe. They have such a tight community, although I must say, when I got to the community center today, it seemed like 60% to 70% of the people with children there were nannies. I guess if you can afford to live in the Glebe, you can afford a nanny as well.

Henry playing with the toy we bought him in Germany


3 Responses to “Hallelujah!”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    I’m impressed how active you guys are, with all these interesting classes 🙂 That’s excellent! I hope when I’m a mom you will teach me the ropes.

  2. April Says:

    For what it’s worth, I rock or nurse my babies to sleep until they are really old (like probably around 16-18 months) The transition to getting them to sleep on their own really doesn’t seem so painful when they are bigger I find.
    Obviously you have to do what works for you guys… but it’s such a small space of his life and I have really great sleepers so I didn’t wreck them 😉

    • Melina Says:

      That’s good to know since I love having him fall asleep on me or Chris. It’s just so peaceful and you’re right, they won’t be able to do that for very long so might as well enjoy it.

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