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Just Tell Me What’s Wrong!! April 7, 2011

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The past two nights have been pretty difficult with Henry. The first night he was up every hour, crying and wanting to be fed. Last night was every 2 hours. It’s never been that bad before. He was always 3 hours or more at night so this has been pretty rough. The worst part is that I can’t pinpoint what’s wrong since there are so many possibly individual or combined factors such as

1- I’m sick with a sore throat, so maybe he’s not feeling too hot either.

2- We now have him sleeping in his play pen (the infant upper level) since he’s too big for his bassinet and not ready to be in his room alone.It’s a lot spacier so he may not like all the free room.

3- He keeps getting longer and longer so he may be going through another growth spurt.

It could really be anything which drives me nuts. I’m one of those people who before having a baby, needed to be able to control things. Like when I made plans, I’d triple confirm them to make sure they were still happening. I’m also someone who likes to reason a lot, which is why I love my work and love mentoring at work, however at 2am, it’s difficult to get a screaming baby to see reason when you’re telling them “Henry, I fed you an hour ago, are you really hungry or is there something else bothering you?”

I’m starting to wish we could drop some feedings during the day as well. Ever since he was born, he needs to eat every 2 to 2 1/2 hours during the day which makes it really difficult to get anything done. Does anyone have tips for dropping feedings while maintaining an exclusive breastfeeding regimen?

Anyways, not everything is bad. Henry actually seems to love his play pen when he’s awake. I can leave him in there looking at the wind up mobile while I run around getting ready. Unfortunately the mobile lasts about 2 minutes and when it stops turning, his chatting turns to complaining about the fact that it’s no longer moving.


what is this contraption and why does it have me under its spell?


Both my sets of parents are heading off today on vacation… bon voyage!


2 Responses to “Just Tell Me What’s Wrong!!”

  1. I think I have similar issues with control and needing a reason for everything. When Kate wasn’t sleeping well I drove Chris crazy trying to figure out the problem and find a solution when really we probably just needed to roll with the punches.

    I don’t know what to say about the day feedings. It actually sounds like he’s going longer between feedings than Kate did at the time.

  2. Selena Says:

    The only thing I might suggest for the day feedings is know how long he can go and start putting him on scheduled feedings. Like if he eats at 6am and can go two hours then you can feed at 8-10-12-2-4-6 during the day and eventually push it by 15 min increments till he’s feeding every three hours but he’s still pretty young and you would have to deal with a crying baby when he wants to eat and it isn’t time.

    It’s not something that I did and frankly was not for me (just like Ferberizing isn’t for me) but I have heard of people doing it and it seemed to work for them.

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