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One Handed Typing April 5, 2011

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I’ve become a pro at one handed typing. Baby in one hand, laptop in other. I’m a lot slower though hence the slow trickle of blog posts. We had a pretty good weekend. I brought Henry to the wedding show where my sister Melissa bought her wedding dress.  Naturally, she found the dress and everyone cried while I was off breastfeeding Henry.  I came back just in time to watch her buy it.

I also had my first solo night on Saturday. Went for dinner as part of a bridal send off for my friend Alison.  I was anxious about leaving Henry alone with Chris. Not because I didn’t think Chris could handle it, but because Henry had previously demonstrated a distaste for the bottle. I was gone 3 hours and even had a beer (it hit me pretty hard!). When I got back Chris was lying in bed with Henry passed out on him. He had taken a bit of milk from the bottle then remembered he hated it and refused it afterward. Chris tried everything to get him to take some more. He tried using a little dropper, he put some in a shot glass, nothing happened aside from Henry’s sleeper getting soaked. Eventually he just cried himself to sleep.  So now I know for sure that Henry’s exclusively a boob man. He woke up when I got home and chugged back like crazy and we ended up having our best night yet of 5 and 5 hours of sleep.

Sunday we had lunch with Chris’ family and went to the Hot Tots consignment sale and got a bunch of stuff for Henry at ridiculously low prices, like a Tommy Hillfiger shirt for $3.

Yesterday I had my first baby massage class at the Glebe community center. Massage supposedly helps with fussy babies so I tried it last night while he was freaking out and it totally worked! He loved it…that is until he got annoyed with it. After class I dressed Henry up in his best outfit and brought him to work to meet colleagues. He was a sweetheart and only cried when he got a little hungry.

After the overstimulation of the morning, I somewhat forced him to sleep by lying him on top of me for 2 hours which seemed to calm him down. I think I’m finally getting the hang of things and enjoy having a busy schedule with this little guy. Although today we’re taking it easy so I can catch up on the show Vampire Diaries (guilty pleasure!)

Henry in his "work" outfit giving a thumbs up.

one happy baby


One Response to “One Handed Typing”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    So sad I missed you guys! He looks great though and sounds like you’re figuring each other out 🙂 Hopefully you all can come over to visit at the new house soon!

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