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Bills Bills Bills…. April 29, 2011

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Chris and I had a rude awakening in home ownership the other day when we got the estimates for replacing all our windows. They’re all wood windows, which if they had been maintained over the past 2o years, could still be useful however when most owners view townhouses as a “transient home”, they don’t put much effort in upkeep. So we’re biting the bullet and replacing them all with vinyl windows and it’s costing about $5000 more than we had anticipated, and we’re going with the cheaper estimate! We have the HST to partially thank for that.  This will be the first time we have to dip into our savings like this since buying the house. I have to make sure I keep some money aside to pay my pension when I finish mat leave as well. Well if being parents wasn’t a wake-up call to adulthood, being a home owner sure is! Replacing the windows also kind of made the decision for us that we’re going to stay put for a while longer in this house. We both love it and we don’t feel crowded yet.

As I’m writing this, REM’s “everybody hurts” is playing and I just looked down at Henry and he’s giving me the saddest face. I have to go change that song, I don’t want to raise a little EMO baby…

This song captures the essence of my soul...

I can’t remember who bought Henry these monster slippers, but I just love them!

My pet monster sets its pray in sight...

and attacks... not for the weak of heart.


Vaccination Day April 27, 2011

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So Henry was vaccinated yesterday and took it really well. Definitely does not take after me. I’m a wreck when it comes to vaccines.

Although these pictures weren’t taken at the vaccination (that would be cruel), here’s the faces he made during vaccination.

Right before his vaccines, he was all smiles which broke my heart (and the nurses) since you don’t really want to give a happy baby a needle. I then spent the entire afternoon with a hyper baby. Everyone told me he’d be sleepy so of course he had to prove everyone wrong…

I'm happy, curious and flirty all in one...first vaccine: that was not coolsecond vaccine: really not cool!5 seconds later: let's party!

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Happy Easter! April 24, 2011

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Me and my Easter peeps

We went to my sister Steph’s place on Friday night for Easter dinner and Henry was spoiled. Steph got him the stuffed dog in the above picture and Logan gave Henry the rabbit. The sleeper he’s wearing is from Melissa, it’s got bunnies all over it. We had a great dinner of ribs and chicken wings on the BBQ.

Earlier on Friday, we went to Sandra and Doug’s and witnessed a baby fight:

There Can Only Be ONE!!

Today we went to Chris’ aunt Dawn for Easter lunch, fun times were had by all:

smirk X2

mom, please, not in public!

Henry’s been sleeping better since his visit yesterday to the osteopath. It’s actually really nice seeing him well rested.

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I’m a believer! April 23, 2011

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We took Henry to an osteopath today, Dr. Elliot Vlad works with babies and helps balance out their bodies. Our family doctor had noticed that Henry was getting a bit of a flat head on one side and had said if that continued, he’d have to wear a shaping helmet which I wasn’t too fond of. I mentioned it at my infant massage class and the instructor recommended Dr. Vlad.

He evaluated Henry and told us his pelvis and left side of his body were a little tight and worked on loosening his pelvis. He also worked on his thorax and his head. It looked like a bit firmer massage therapy but the results were almost instantaneous. Within the hour, after loosening the pelvic bone, Henry started rolling on his side, something he had never done before. Dr Vlad mentioned that we’ll have to keep a better eye on him, since usually after an adjustment, babies are able to move onto the next developmental stage, such as rolling over.

We have another appointment in 3 weeks and until then we have to help Henry strengthen his left arm by making him grasp our hand with it and helping him put his weight on it during tummy time. As for his head, that will take a few more sessions but he’s already turning his head more and his neck seems less stiff so now we just have to encourage him to balance out his head movement and where he rests it. We were warned that Henry might be fussy for the next few days due to the adjustment, so far he’s pretty much slept the entire time we’ve been back home which we were told could be another benefit of an adjustment: better, longer sleep!

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Keeping children entertained April 21, 2011

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As Henry grows older, I’m finding it tougher to entertain him while he’s awake. His mobile that makes him really happy can all of a sudden make him furious. I’m convinced those dogs are talking back to him. Same with his favorite lamp. He’ll be smiling at it then all of a sudden, crying at it. I know it’s going to get tougher as he grows older, but hopefully has he gets older, he can start entertaining himself. One of his favourite games though is one I call cleavage shot, where if he times it just right, he’ll spit up all over me and 100 points if he can get it exclusively in my cleavage. It’s one of the grosser feelings out there of some warm pukey liquid making it’s way slowly down towards your stomach.

Yesterday we braved the horrible weather to go visit my aunt Odette in Gatineau. Henry slept the entire way as I took every possible bad road there. I kept second guessing myself and switching routes so instead of 30 minutes it took almost an hour to get there. We had a great time visiting. Henry soaked up all the loving my aunt had to offer. He’s such a hambone sometimes and can really work the ladies. He then slept the entire way back, which meant he was super cranky all the rest of the afternoon until Chris came home. I swear that kid makes a liar out of me all the time. He’ll be freaking out on me then be the sweetest baby when someone comes to visit or when Chris gets home.

Today I took Henry to Starbucks to meet a possible future girlfriend, Tessa who’s my friend Lara’s 9 month old daughter. She was fascinated with Henry and kept trying to grab his hand. It was pretty cute.  Henry played it cool though, he’s going to be a heartbreaker.

And in sadder news, my grandparents dog Fido passed away yesterday. He was 11 years old. I loved that dog. He had such a gentle disposition, nothing really fazed him.  I thought I’d share a funny Fido story to end this post. When he was a puppy and I was still living at home, my grandparents would bring Fido everywhere, including our place. They’d let him out in the backyard and he’d always come back soaking wet. We couldn’t figure out why he was getting so wet. This happened everytime he visited. Finally one day I was outside and saw him run and take a flying leap into my parents pond, chasing the fish inside and everything clicked like “oh so that’s what he was doing!” and then pretty much every time he came over, we had to keep an eye on him since he always, ALWAYS wanted to go back in that tiny pond. Such a fun goofy dog. I’ll miss him a lot.

entertain me!

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Solids: When to start April 19, 2011

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I’ve been reading a bit about when to start giving solids to babies. It seems like the standard answer is 6 months however I’ve seen some studies that suggest you can start as early as 4 months with cereal. The prospect of feeding Henry solids at 4 months is both appealing and scary at the same time. It would be great if he’d sleep a bit longer through the night instead of waking up every 3-4 hours and I feel eating solids would probably help that but at the same time, I feel a strong bond with him while breastfeeding and I’m worried I’d lose that. For the moms that are reading, how long before you started solids?

I feel like every day now, Henry goes through these giant developmental steps. On Sunday, he tried grasping at one of his toys which was amazing to watch as he struggled to figure out how to move his hand to reach for the toy. He’s also trying to grab his feet now when he can see them. He’s a lot chattier as well. On Saturday night, we had gone to dinner at Gillian and George’s and on the way back, he chatted with Ginger the entire ride home. He says “HEY!” a lot which I’m convinced is his way of trying to get our attention.

We got a loaner Bumbo chair this weekend as well. Henry’s a little small for it since he doesn’t have complete neck control yet but he sat in it for a while as I supervised him. The pictures are kind of funny since it looks like he has no neck and the chair looks like a little torture device for now.

You can torture me all you want, I'll never reveal the location of the microchip!

Alright, I'll talk!

Henry's new fun game: sticking out his tongue

We had some company today as well. Our friend Jen and her daughter Charlotte dropped by for a visit. I always love hanging out with Jen, she’s so laid back. Chris and I have always said we want our kids to end up like hers and that we hope to be able to raise Henry as well as they did for Hailey and Charlotte.  Their kids just seem so well adjusted. Thanks for coming by Jen!

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A Few Firsts… April 16, 2011

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I mentioned this on my facebook account, but we had a few firsts today. Right after feeding Henry, he started chatting with me. Well actually, it was more towards the end of his feeding. He’ll be eating and starring at me and then will try and talk while eating. It’s pretty funny to watch. He’ll also smile while eating now too which is cute. Anyways, today after chatting for a bit, I made these funny noises for him and he giggled. It caught me off guard and it was so sweet that I kind of overreacted so he kind of frowned right after, looking at me intently and probably wondering “what’s up with her?”.

Another first, and this one is major for me, we went to a restaurant for the first time. I’ve been craving sushi for a long time now and I figured, since Hockey Sushi is so close to us, we could go right after a feeding and enjoy at least an hour there. Henry was a real doll. We took him out of his car seat for a bit and he looked around a lot and starred down the people sitting across from us and then when our food got to the table, he fell asleep and we put him back in his car seat and he slept the entire time, only waking up towards the end. He only started crying once we put him back in the car on the way home. It was really nice however I don’t think I really relaxed the entire meal. I kind of felt like I was eating with a ticking bomb that could go off any moment so we somewhat wolfed down our meal very quickly.  Slowly but surely, we’re making our foray back into the real world.

Earlier this week, Henry got to meet his new best friend Luis. His mom Sandra has been my best friend for years. We went to high school together, then did our degrees at the same time, we started dating our husbands on the exact same day (my 21st birthday). Got engaged and married within a few months of each other and now have babies that are a little over a month apart. There’s some kind of universal force making sure that we share our big milestones together, so I’m hoping Henry and Luis get along well.

Henry and Luis - BFF!

The only form of Tummy Time Henry will now tolerate.

Looking tiny in the big chair.

There's something fishy about this bird... I don't trust it. I better keep an eye on it at all times.

Not a Happy Camper

Yesterday, Henry and I went the furthest we’ve ever been and visited my friend Melanie at her house in Ottawa South near the airport. She has this really cool house that was built in the 70s and it’s just amazing. She made us some chocolate cupcakes with coconut/caramel filling from scratch that were divine and Henry took a really long nap in her baby swing which was nice. Here’s hoping to more visits!

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If it’s not one thing, it’s the other April 14, 2011

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So I was up again last night but Henry was asleep. He has a cold and all night I listened to him struggling to breath through his stuffed nose and cough. It was really painful to hear.  Poor little guy. I tried using HydraSense nasal spray on him but there’s this moment right after spraying that he can’t breath even more and you see the panic in his eyes.

Anyways, I feel like I haven’t been posting many recent pictures so this post will correct that.

Yes ladies, I'm available...

Hobo Baby: Maybe tomorrow, he'll want to settle down.

What are these things at the end of my legs? This will require further scientific research...

Yes, this command centre will do nicely. Time to take over the world...

I've recently discovered that I have a tongue...

and finally…

Put that 'effing camera away before I smack it out of your hands.

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Hallelujah! April 11, 2011

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Last night was a first, with us going 6 hours between feedings, meaning I got a solid 5 hours of sleep, partially interrupted by the storm. It was great. Although I did find myself startling awake around 1am thinking “why isn’t he awake and hungry?” So we slept from 11pm to 4am. I originally thought it was going to be a tough night since we put him down at 9pm and I said a silent prayer that he sleep well and he woke up at 10:20 and I thought “crap, here we go again…” but nope, he was faking me out. Of course now that I write this, tonight’s going to be hell.

I know I might be getting ahead of myself, but I’m starting a bedtime routine with Henry now. I try to bring him upstairs around 7pm and then I lay him on his back and do some baby massages with him to get him relaxed. I sing songs to him during this and I try to sing the same songs and not ones that I sing during the day. Then depending on how fussy he’s being, I either feed him or read him 2 Caillou books and look through a picture book that has objects written in French, English and Spanish. Finally I pretty much nurse him until he’s full and then hand him off to Chris and we wait for him to fall asleep and then put him to bed. I know at one point I’m going to have to put him to bed before he’s completely asleep since we don’t want to create a huge dependence on us but for now it’s nice. We were even able to put the play pen a bit further from the bed which gives us a bit better sleep. I put a towel that has my sent on it at one end of the play pen so that he thinks I’m closer than I actually am. We kind of jokingly said we should move the play pen a few feet a week until eventually he’s in his own room. However that would be a total fire hazard if we blocked the hallway like that.

My sister Steph lent us a jolly jumper type command center for Henry since he’s always pushing off with his feet. He’s still a little too small for it. His feet kind of just dangle in the air but he’s intrigued by the whole contraption. I’m looking forward to him just pushing off the ground and bouncing around.

I went to baby massage class today in the Glebe (and got a $35 parking ticket…grumble grumble…) and signed up for Mommy and Baby Salsa classes that start May 17th. There’s a drop in mommy and me fit class that they offer Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ll most likely go next week to check it out. Man, I wish we lived in the Glebe. They have such a tight community, although I must say, when I got to the community center today, it seemed like 60% to 70% of the people with children there were nannies. I guess if you can afford to live in the Glebe, you can afford a nanny as well.

Henry playing with the toy we bought him in Germany

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Time Gets Away From You April 9, 2011

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6 years ago today, we lost my stepmom Claudette to pancreatic cancer. She valiantly fought it for 22 months but in the end, the cancer (one of the deadliest forms) won. A lot has happened in those 6 years that Claudette would be happy to know about.

First and foremost, after a few years of steep uphill struggling, my sister Melissa (Claudette’s daughter) went back to school and just recently finished her undergraduate degree and is being bridged into the public service. She’s also now engaged to a great guy named Tom and they both live in a house in Low, Quebec.

My sister Steph also finished her degree and now works full time at the same office as me in the government. She has a beautiful son named Logan and another little boy (Nikko) on the way.

My dad, who didn’t think he’d ever be with anyone again, met a great woman named Zoe who shares many common interests with him and they both had beagles! They’ve been married for 3 years now. I know Claudette would have wanted him to find someone.

As for me, well Chris and I got married, bought a house and now have baby Henry.

Here are a few things about Claudette that you may not have known:

1- She was an OR nurse for a very long time until the long hours of standing got the best of her back. She then went on to be a nurse in the infection disease ward of the General Hospital and befriended and treated many AIDS patients. She always spoke very fondly of her patients and worried about their wellbeing.

2- She was, much to the chagrin of the 3 girls stuck in the car on long rides to Montreal, a HUGE BeeGees fan. She liked their old classic stuff but the tape we were forced to listen to over and over again was something they recorded in the late 80s and boy was it lame… Occasionally she’d give us a break and put in the Fine Young Cannibals tape where we’d play “She drives me crazy” over and over again.

3- She drove me to and from work pretty much an entire summer for my first “real” job as an artistic restorator/painter in a chapel. After long days of sweating in a dusty chapel, I didn’t smell like roses and was often covered in paint but she picked me up anyways 🙂

4- Probably the only woman I know who thought potty humor was hilarious.

5- Often convinced my dad to let me stay out later when I was a teenager.

6- Looooved to watch sports on tv. Like any sport. Thank god we had two tvs in the house since there isn’t really a time a year when there are absolutely no sports on tv.

Anyways, today we went to Claudette’s grave to bring a geranium since she loved when stores started selling spring plants again. We had Ginger in the car and let the windows down so that she could have so air while we went to pay our respects. Well Ginger was not happy and did this high pitched whiny bark the entire time we were there, meaning we kind of had to rush since you don’t want a dog barking like an idiot at the cemetery, although I think Claudette would have found that hilarious.

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